Hitman: Enemy Of Truth

With the warm water running down his bald head, someone was knocking on the door. 47 grabbed the robe the room offered, took his gun and hid it behind his back. As he opened the door slightly, a woman was standing outside, he didn't recognize her at first. "47, I don't know if it is too much to ask for, but I need your help." The woman said with a voice he recognized at once.

A Fanfiction based on real people combined with the world of The Hitman games and books.


3. Old Enemies

Saturday 2nd October 4:01 2010, Unknown Location

47 sat in the plane, 1st class, by the window. He took a last-minute plane to Venice, Italy. Italy was one of 47’s favourite places to go. Not because of warmth, because the warmth meant that it would be a little more difficult to hide his silverballers, but because of the food. If there was one thing 47 liked to do, more than kill, it was to sit with a glass of wine at a restaurant in Venice and eat. He had had a couple contracts in Venice over time. The one he remembered the best was the one where he saved Agent Smith. He thought about the conversation with the man he met earlier the same day: Mr. Nu.

“Hello 47.” Mr. Nu had said.


47 had looked up at him, recognized his face. The same grin as when they met first time in the States years back, after the assignment on The Big Kahuna.


“I’m sorry to interrupt you like I did the last time; a few years back, but I have important information for you.” Mr. Nu said in a serious tone.


“You have my interest.” 47 had said slowly, chewing his words carefully.


“Diana has retired from working with The Agency, even though Travis’ tyranny is over. But now it has all gotten worse. I need you to get in contact with Diana again. We need her here, and same with you.”

“Sir, do you want a glass of champagne?” a steward asked him.

47 shook his head, and as the steward had left, he took his laptop up from his hand luggage and powered it on and entered the ICA database. 47 knew that he was, without doubt, the best field agent they had ever had, and that meant that The Agency had never told him to give back his ICA merchandise. From it he called Diana’s office, but he got to talk with another lady called Maria Fisher.


“Could I please get your registration code so that I can confirm your ID sir?”


“BRO3886” 47 said annoyed. This was the second time after having left The Agency for some time where he had to use that registration code. Last time was back when Father Vittorio had been kidnapped.


“Yes, I can see you in the system. Now, what is it that you want?”


“I want to know how to get in contact with Diana Burnwood.”


Diana had gone to the city along with Victoria to look at new clothes. Victoria was supposed to stay with Diana as long as it was still unsafe for Victoria to be on her own, and Diana felt happy around Victoria. Happy that Victoria would not end up as coldblooded as 47 was. She simply didn’t wish for her to end up like him, all alone, with only himself, and of course Diana. But Diana felt guilty that she hadn’t spoken to him ever since he had shot her. She was glad Victoria was saved from Blake Dexter and Benjamin Travis.

“Diana, I think this dress will look stunning on you!” Victoria said, while holding up a beautiful dress with bare shoulders and an asymmetrical skirt.

“I think you are right! I’ll go try it in the changing room, will you keep guard outside?”

“Yes of course.”

Diana went into the room and took her clothes off. She was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans, a loose blue top and a white blazer, along with a pair of red peep toe heels. She looked amazing.

“Diana?” Victoria said from the other side of the changing room’s door.

“Yes sweetie?” Diana said in a tight tone. Not because she was mad, but the dress she was trying, sat tight around her bust.

“Your phone is ringing; it is a hidden number…”

Diana opened the door slightly to see Victoria hand her the phone. Diana grabbed it, and touched the “answer” button.

“This is Diana speaking?”

“Yes. I know that.” 47 said.

It was quiet in the other end for a brief moment.


“47? Where did you get my number from?”


“ICA. I got to talk with a woman called Maria. She’s sitting in your office.”


47 heard that Diana took a deep breath.


“Why did you call me?”


“I was contacted by Mr. Nu; he had important information for me to share with you. And he wants both of us to go back to working for ICA.”


“What kind of information?”


“I’ll find you.”


47 had hung up. Diana was standing with her phone in her hand looking at it.


“Victoria? Could you please come in sweetie?”


No one answered. Diana hurried to take her shirt on again, exited the changing room. Victoria was not there.


“Victoria?” Diana said. She ran around the store looking for her, but she was nowhere to find.


“Excuse me, have you seen a girl with long, brown hair, pale skin, freckles and she is 15 years old?”


The woman she asked shook her head, making Diana panic. She hurried to the security desk.


“Sorry, but my daughter is gone. Can I give her a message over the speakers?”


“Yes, of course, do you have a picture we can send the staff here so they can look for them?”


Diana gave the man a picture of Victoria as she spoke over the speakers.


“Victoria, sweetie, I’ll find you. Just hold on, and take care of yourself.”


47 went through the security check at the Venice Airport without problems. He had a problem though, he had to track down Diana, and he was sure she was still in Illinois. He went to the airport’s homepage and ordered a plane ticket to Illinois. The next plane would go the following day. In the meantime, 47 would go explore Venice again.

Sunday 3rd October 10:54 AM, Italy

47 went for a ride with a gondola. Since 47 went to Venice as often as he did, he had his own little residence and his own gondola. As he paddled through Venice he saw a lot of people sitting by his favourite restaurant; including a person whom he recognized: a clone. He looked exactly like himself, but the grin. He recognized it. It was one of the Mr. 48’s.
Shit! I thought I had killed all of those bastards!

The clone saw 47, but this one was most definitely different from the others. This one didn’t attack immediately, but it waited. As soon as 47 almost couldn’t see him anymore, Mr. 48 rose from his table and walked along the canal. 47 always brought his gun with him, but this time he couldn’t. He had not had time to visit Alexandre Guillano, the guy who took care of his guns in Venice.


Diana went home right away, went to her computer and hacked into the ICA database and tracked the call she had gotten from 47. It appeared that his phone was in Venice, which meant he would most likely be there too. She took her Bluetooth headset, wore it and made connection with her computer. She called 47’s phone, while tracking him on the satellite.


“47, Victoria is gone.” Diana said in a fake, professional tone.


She could see that 47 was in a gondola, but something was wrong. Someone was following him, and even though she knew that 47 was able to handle it, she could not help it but become worried.


“I knew she’d be, that’s what I was supposed to tell you, but it was not a secure line. Mr. Nu told me he had information about who could have something to do with it. But Diana, I know you are watching over me,” he said, and looked up into the sky so that it looked like he was looking directly through the monitor into Diana’s eyes, “but right now, as you might see, I have a clone after me. Could you please hang on?”


On the monitor 47 was fiddling in his pocket, most likely he was searching for his wireless headset. He was.


“47… It looks like… One of the 48s! Hang on, I’ll check his barcode.”


Diana zoomed into the man’s neck, only making her able to confirm the man’s identity. 671910040248 was the barcode.


“47, I have bad news. I can confirm that this is a Mr. 48 you are dealing with.”

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