Hitman: Enemy Of Truth

With the warm water running down his bald head, someone was knocking on the door. 47 grabbed the robe the room offered, took his gun and hid it behind his back. As he opened the door slightly, a woman was standing outside, he didn't recognize her at first. "47, I don't know if it is too much to ask for, but I need your help." The woman said with a voice he recognized at once.

A Fanfiction based on real people combined with the world of The Hitman games and books.


2. All Over The News

Friday 1st October 2010 1:27 AM, England

The window squeaked a little when it opened, and 47 entered the bathroom. It was well sized and had a big bathtub in the corner, but 47 didn’t come to admire the house’s interior, but to do what he does the best: kill.

Even though it was many years ago, 47 clearly remembered his first kill: his clone brother, 6, who had for a long time bullied 47. 47 knew that 6 were the fastest of the brothers, but 47 was by far the one of his “brothers” who had his mind in the right place. 6 were killed by 47 when he was 12 years old, and after that, he fled from the asylum. He was on his own from then. He went to Sicily, where he met the priest, Father Vittorio who took care of him and taught him to worship what he has and to take care of other people, simply by making him take care of the pigs at the church and the graves at the graveyard. 47 did that for years, but no matter what 47 did, he could never learn to fully take care of others than himself, and he knew that, it was not his nature to be loving and caring, and it would never be, no matter how hard he tried. It appeared that Zavorotko, a Russian Mafioso who was a brother of the people that 47 had been a clone of, had taken Vittorio hostage. 47 managed to save Father Vittorio, who asked him to follow a good path in life, but from his cold blooded heart, 47 knew it was an impossible task.

47 wore his signature outfit: a white shirt, a red tie with golden diagonal stripes on it, a black suit and shoes by Armani, and of course black leather gloves. 47 looked through the keyhole, and it appeared to lead into a hallway of the residence. The hallway was quiet, so he opened the door carefully and went into the hallway. As he proceeded along it, he peeked through several keyholes. 4 of them were kids’ bedrooms, including the room of a baby, and another bathroom. At the end of the hallway, the master bedroom should be. A look through the keyhole would confirm.

47 was sneaking into the room, the man and the woman was asleep. To 47’s luck, the woman was sleeping with her back against the man.

47 took a syringe with mild sedative and sneaked up to the woman, and he held his hand in front of her mouth so that she couldn’t scream as 47 injected the sedatives. As the woman was sedated fully, the man began moving around in the bed, maybe he, unconsciously, could feel the presence of another person. 47 didn’t know, but now was not the time for mistakes.

It appeared that the man was still asleep though.

47 took another syringe, but this time it was a lethal injection. 47 had managed to get some sodium thiopental, the same type of lethal injection, used for death sentences in the USA.
As 47 injected the man, he began to move a little in cramps, but after that 47 checked the pulse. It was gone, the man was dead. As 47 entered the hallway again it was knocking on the door.

“This is the police, please open the door!”

Shit! 47 thought for himself and hurried towards the bathroom he came in from and looked carefully out of the window.

“If you do not open we will kick the door in!”

He hurried out of the window, closed it silently and left through the backyard where a car was parking. It was an Audi A6, black.


Saturday 2nd October 2010 7:31, Unknown Location


The sun went through the curtains at the window. The bedroom was lying to the east of the house, which meant that Diana woke up to a beautiful sunrise every morning. 


It was a beautiful weather as Diana went outside to see the sun rise. Even though she just woke up, she looked stunning in her underwear. She had a beautiful curved body shape, long brown hair hanging down onto her back, beautiful brown eyes which only complimented her slim face, high cheekbones and full lips. Her long, tanned legs were complimenting her shorter upper body and her beautiful feet with painted toenails. Diana knew she was beautiful.


The cook arrived with her breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and mushrooms, a glass of juice and a cup of coffee, and as usual, the newspaper. Usually she skimmed through the front page of the newspaper, but not this time. The front page caught her attention for the first time in a very long time. It had a picture of a man, his wife and his 4 children, of which one had a handicap.


UK Prime Minister Found Dead in Home


Diana flipped to page 3 to read the whole story.


UK Prime Minister David Cameron was found dead in his home early this morning when his wife woke up. Signs of injection in his neck have been found, and the police are now investigating the crime scene. As far as police can confirm, no one have seen anyone enter or leave the property. Police suspect professional assassination. Forensics are running scans of Cameron’s body, and along with the signs of injections, it appears that the assassin have used Sodium Thiopental which is generally used with death sentences in the United States. Cameron’s wife have not given any information to the press, but insiders can tell that she is in deep sorrow. She is now being questioned by the police, as she is the only witness so far. The funeral will be on Wednesday 6th at 1:00 PM. The people of the UK are now getting ready for an emergency election which will be between Gordon Brown (Labour) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat).


Written by Amanda Wilson


47 put the newspaper down, relieved that the police didn’t have anything on him as far as the police have told the press. But he still had to leave England, and as soon as possible. If not he could get caught. Whatever he did, it had to be soon. But first he had another problem: Hunger.

As 47 left the room at the motel, he entered the car and drove to a small café in the central of London. 47 preferred to eat at small individual restaurants instead of big chains like Burger King and McDonalds. Like with big hotels, it meant that he would most likely be recorded on surveillance systems.


“Can I have the table in the corner over there?” 47 asked a young, blonde servant who seemed to be a little too happy.


“Yes of course sir! You go over there and I’ll give you the menu!”


As 47 sat down he immediately looked for emergency exits, in case he would be recognized by someone. A couple meters ahead the door to the personnel parking were positioned, and he sat next to a window which he could just break and exit through there.


“What would you like to order sir?”


“I’d like the pancakes with syrup and a cup of coffee please.” 47 said.


“Of course, your meal will be here in a minute!” she said as she took off.


47 leaned back and looked out of the window as he felt for his signature pistols under his jacket. They were in place.


As 47 got his food he heard the blonde servant talk with another servant, a little chubby black haired Chinese girl.


“Did you hear it? Someone killed David Cameron last night!” the Chinese said.


“How could I avoid it? It is all over the news! My sister back in Sweden heard it this morning as well!


“It is horrible… I am not a conservative, but it is horrible that someone can do that! And no one even heard it before his wife called 911!”


As 47 ate he kept his ears open to whatever the people around him have heard about last night. Even though 47 have dealt with both the FBI and big amounts of policemen, he would be sentenced a lifetime in prison if he was caught. And since he was not with the ICA anymore, he could not get out as easily as earlier where Carlton Smith could have helped him, and vice versa. The contact between them had been cut when Smith had been transferred to Hong Kong.


47’s thoughts were interrupted when a man sat down in front of him. He was wearing a dark blue suit. 47 knew the man.


“Hello 47.”

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