Guide to Starting a New School

Well as you probably guessed its a guide to starting a new school. im just bored and its random but im going into my 4th school in four years so ya.


2. New School

You could be going into middle school, high school whatever it is you will probably be nervous, however most likely you will have at least one friend who is going with you. So here are the tips.....

1. Stick with your friend/s but remember to branch out, and if you do branch dont get so wrapped up that you forget them

2. If your new school holds activities in the summer to get to know  the other people in your class, go to them that way on the first day you wont be surrounded by strange people(except) your friends and wont be as intimidated.

3. Remember they are all in the same situation as  you,- new school, new teachers, new people etc.

4. HAVE FUN but dont do what i do and talk ALL the time then you get in trouble, at the same time keep up your grades so you dont have to work really hard to bring them back up


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