Guide to Starting a New School

Well as you probably guessed its a guide to starting a new school. im just bored and its random but im going into my 4th school in four years so ya.


1. Being the new kid

No one likes starting a new school when everyone has been together for years. Here are a few tips

1. Act confident, show everyone your not afraid to be there even if you want to run away and hide in the restroom.

2. Make sure you talk to someone,you wont make any friends if you dont try.

3. If you mess up try to laugh it off as a joke, it will make you seem like you dont care what happens to you

4. Join an extra-curricular club, its a great way of making friends and learning something new or doing something you love.

5. Make sure you be yourself dont try and copy everyone, people should appreciate you for who you are not who your trying to be


A/N sooooo what do you think i must sound like a magazine lol

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