the letters

BlurB: Hannah keeps on getting letters and parcels turn up at random places. The door step, her chimney her window. She reads them and it tells her to look for the clues for what she has to do. but what is it?


2. the first letter

Ok so something mysterious is happening to me. I admit it. I won’t say it straight to you. You’ll think I am weird. I’ll tell you the story about it though.

It was a few Thursdays ago. A weird day in my words. It started out like my normal morning. A normal school holiday morning. I wake up and go down stairs and have breakfast with Lucy and dad. Seems a normal day doesn’t it? Well it wasn’t normal at all. It started out that way.

I had my breakfast with Lucy and dad in the kitchen. Lucy lives with us. She is nice like a step mum. She acts like a mother to me. She and my dad aren’t married…yet. They are engaged though. It doesn’t mind me. She is a nice women.

I went out for a bit of the morning to see friends. I came back at 11:00 after the postman came. I had no letters so I went upstairs. I saw something weird on my door step. A letter!

It was weird as it wasn’t at the front door but at my bedroom door. Why was it there? Who was it from? I didn’t know. It couldn’t have been from any of my friends as they sent small white envelopes with hearts. This was a big brown envelope with small tea stains.

I decided I needed to read it. Then I would find out all my questions. They would be answered. This letter could have anything. Anything at all.

I decided that I needed to read this some place quiet. I knew somewhere. The underground study. I went to the basement with the letter in my hand. I opened the door to the study and sat down.

“Ok open it,” I thought.

I teared the envelope open and found a letter and then there was an item in it. I read the letter first.

Dear Hannah,

I need to send this letter to you Hannah. It is very important and you must read it carefully.

Your house there is a secret. It is big. I can’t tell you though. You need to find out what it is. It could help someone you once loved. It is important you read the next bit.

When you find the secret, you can stop it somehow and it could affect your loved ones so only do whatever I say because I need to figure something out.

In this letter I have enclosed an amulet to help you. It will have clues and help with some challenges.

This is all you need to know bye


I read the letter and I was so confused of what to do and who wrote it.

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