the letters

BlurB: Hannah keeps on getting letters and parcels turn up at random places. The door step, her chimney her window. She reads them and it tells her to look for the clues for what she has to do. but what is it?


1. me

Hello my name is Hannah. I am 11 years old. I live in a small house down addale road in essex. I have lived there my whole life. I live with my dad. My mum died when I was 5 and had cancer. My dad promised her before she died that he would look after me and give me the best future he possibly could. He got a better job to help provide for me and make sure we could move out of our flat. He used to work as a part time carpenter. Now he has a job full-time making pottery and shelves and stuff. He took lots of free courses whenever he could. He loves making things and he teaches me.

Are house isn’t the best house. It is home though. It has had to have a lot of cleaning and things done to it. We made it work into the best house ever. It is a Victorian house. It has loads of hidden places all around the house. Me and dad always play little games to try and find as many as possible. We still have a few to uncover. We will find them. Are house has had to be painted to make it look less old. We made it our own.

My dad made sure we remembered my mum. We have photos all over the house of her. He didn’t want me to know nothing about her then grow up questioning about her. He gave me all of her things he could find. He didn’t want to be the parent who hides every last thing of their mothers and they find it after it has been hidden from them.

My dad has a girlfriend, Lucy. She is like a mother to me. When I was 7 they started dating. She is really nice to me and looks after me when my dad is out.

That is all you need to know about my life… for now.


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