Thanks to Nandos

I'm not saying anything about this fan fiction because it's going to ruin everything!


3. The hospital


That's all I hear! My stupid alarm clock! I open my eyes about to check what time it was. When I opened my eyes, I see a heart monitor and white walls all around me. I soon then realized I wasn't in my my room. I was in a hospital room! Why thought? I tried getting out of the bed but I was to much in pain. I see a doctor come in the room. He puts up a clipboard on the wall. It said that I had a fractured rib, a broken arm and a punctured lung. How did I get that?"Excuse me? How did I break some bones in my body?". I asked the doctor."You got in a car accident with a man named Niall". He said. Huh?


Niall's pov

"Is she going to be ok?!". I asked the doctor."Yes, she'll be fine but, she has memory loss, so you might have to make her remember again". Why am I being so worried about her? I don't even know her! Thanks to me, she got hurt. I should be punished. Why would I take my eye off the road?"You okay mate?". Harry asked me. I didn't answer. I didn't answer my text and my phone calls the whole week. I feel horrible. And I thought why I didn't get hurt but she did. Today, I decided to go see Evie to see how she was. I got to the hospital and went to her room. She was playing the guitar singing and One Direction song."Truly, madly, deeply, I am foolishly, completely falling in love with you". She sang so beautifully!"Hello! Do you remember me?''. I ask. "No......". She said. I was SHOCKED! 


Evie's pov 

Who the heck is that! Is that my brother or something? But he's really cute!"I' sorry but no.... But your very handsome! What's your name?". He blushed."My name is Niall. Niall Horan. I'm from a band called One Direction. You were just singing one of are songs!". He said. 


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