Thanks to Nandos

I'm not saying anything about this fan fiction because it's going to ruin everything!


1. A regular day

I wake up by hearing the noise of my stupid alarm clock. I roll over to see what time it was. It was 7:10. I'm gonna be late for work! I jump out of my bed and went to take a shower. I got out of the shower 2 minutes later. I put my horrible black pants on my Nandos shirt on and my work shoes on. I do much with my hair. I just put it up in a bun and headed off. As soon as I walk into Nandos, I see my boss."EVIE! YOUR LATE! IF YOUR LATE ONE MORE TIME, YOUR FIRED!".  Oh whatever. So the rest of the day I worked and worked and worked. It was about 7:00. Great. I can leave now! I headed out the door as fast as I could.



I got to my apartment and put my pajamas on and watched tv. I was watching a show that had a boy band called One Direction? "Who are they?'' I asked to myself.




I'm sorry that chapter was so short! I try to make them long but it stays short. And I'm also  not very good at writing stories.

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