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Ok, I'll be honest, my favourite part in books, are the epic fight scenes. Where the wills of two mages are pitted against each other, the accuracy of cowboys, the strength of two men in a pub brawl. All those things get my heart racing, and my imagination whirring, as I picture it in my head.
Anyway, in this movella, you can post a comment asking for a specifif kind of fight, post: how many fighters (no more then five if third person, no more then 10 if first person), what weapons they are using, and where it is. Don't worry about descriptions, unless a certain trait you want will hinder or benefit them in the fight. So ask away!


2. Sample #2

Number of Participants: Four (two on one, then two on two then one on two)

Weapons: Magic

Place: Palace Courtyard

The city was under seige, and the invaders had already brokern through into the outer rim of the city. The citizens were in the underground tunnels, and the soldiers were attempting to hold them back.

Two mage's had slipped through the magical defenses and it was my job to, take care, of them.

They stood before me, wearing robes of black and dark green. They held out their hands in preparation for a spell. While I began chanting one of my own.

A spear of fire erupted from the palm of the left mage, shooting toward me like an arrow.

I held out my own palm and a vortex appeared on it, ansorbing the attack to boost my own.

Spear after spear came shooting out of his palms. Each abosrbed into my palms. So far the other wizard had done nothing except stand there with the backs of his hands together and his finger tips pointing down.

He was boosting the other mage's attacks. A fruitless effort, as the attacks he was boosting were absorbed into my own, strengthening mine even further. He seemed to realise this also and dropped his position, taking up a defensive stance. His arms forming an 'x' in front of him. I was too busy focusing on the support wizard, I didn't notice a spear of fire collide with my body, sending me flying into a statue of the current king. I crumpled to the ground, uttering a quick healing spell, mending my brokern bones. It was a painfull process, mending bones, but I had a duty to my king and I was going to fufill that duty. Unfortunately my incantation was brokern, meaning I had to start again. I continued chanting.

The attacker was weaking, his strength ebbing away with each attack, without the boost from his partner his attacks became weaker, not taking much effort to block. The support mage was uttering something to himself. I expanded my mind until I could hear what he was chanting. A portection spell. It would protect all objects within a certain radius of the caster, from all attacks. It takes ages to cancel out, along with immense concertration, one tiny distraction and you have to start again.

I needed to finish my spell before, he could otherwise, I'll need backup, and that would be embarrassing.

The attacker began moving closer to the supporter, obviously the incantation was coming to a close.

SUCCESS, my spell was finished and the energy was ready to be released. I held out my hands ready to say the final words. When the barrier was starting to form. But an invisible force dragged the attacker out of it before it was fully formed. He tumbled to the ground, his robes all over the place.

I released my spell, a milisecond before the barrier was complete. The barrier ended up being the caster's downfall. The huge explosion I had been preparing was trapped inside of the yellow sphere. Annihalating the mage inside.

I looked over at the final mage, he was staring into the eyes, of my partner, Ren.

"Thought you might need some help." He shouted to me.

"If you had of left things alone, he would be in that sphere roasting to a crisp." I said to him coldly.

"Ah well, it should be fun with this one." He answered back, he rolled up the sleeves of his robe, revealing his bare arms. I mimicked the movement. Long tendrils of light shot from our fingers, shooting towards the final mage. He blocked with a nullifing spell.

I gritted my teeth, dodging his beam of darkness. A ring of fire appeared around the mage's body. It spun, faster and faster then expanding outward with the speed of a bullet, knocking both me and Ren to the ground.

"Use the technique we have beed working on." I heard Ren say into my mind. I nodded subtly in return.

I held out my hands again and long yellow cords seeped out of my fingers. Sinking into the ground, later to reappear under the mage's feet. Whose attention was directed to Ren, who was throwing orbs of energy at the man, who was blocking them easily.

The cords wrapped themselves around the mage's body, restricting his movements. he tugged on the cords restraining his arms. Hoping to snap the frail-looking cords, unsuccessful in his endevears he began shouting a suicide spell, anything within a thousand metre radius would be destroyed, which is most of the city.

Ren was charging up a huge beam of bright blue energy, preparing to throw it at the crazed mage. Who was almost finished his spell.

I began to tighten the cords, making new ones appear to wrap around his throat. His face went purple and his eyes bulged out of their sockets.

"I am ready." Ren explained to me again through thoughts.

He threw the huge mass of prepared energy at the mage whilst crumpling to the ground, that spell, would've taken up heaps of his own energy. The mage didn't get to complete his suicide spell, and instead met an end similar to his companion, being exploded into nothingness.

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