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Ok, I'll be honest, my favourite part in books, are the epic fight scenes. Where the wills of two mages are pitted against each other, the accuracy of cowboys, the strength of two men in a pub brawl. All those things get my heart racing, and my imagination whirring, as I picture it in my head.
Anyway, in this movella, you can post a comment asking for a specifif kind of fight, post: how many fighters (no more then five if third person, no more then 10 if first person), what weapons they are using, and where it is. Don't worry about descriptions, unless a certain trait you want will hinder or benefit them in the fight. So ask away!


1. Sample #1

Number of participants: Two

Weapons: Fists

Place: Pub

"Oi, another beer!" One man shouted to the barman from across the bar.

"Wait, he's serving me." I yelled to the rude man.

"I don't care, give me another beer!" He shouted again.

"Listen sir, wait you turn!" I shouted to him, he got up, off the stool, knocking it over in the process, and stumbled over to me, his face mere inches from mine. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. Probably a heavy drinker, who can't control it.

"I will do what I want, when I want." He breathed. The smell of alcohol washed over me, causing me too gag.

"Two words, breath mints." I said to the man swiping the air in front of my nose. Big mistake. A huge fist came out of no where and smashed into the side of my head. Knocking me off my stool.

For a minute everything was fuzzy but quickly came back into focus, the drunk was strong, but the alcohol had weakened his punch, and slowed his reflexes. Easy fight. Oh how I was wrong.

Clearly this man had been in a lot of fights before, whether he was drunk or not.

He easily dodged my first punch, and landed an uppercut to my stomach, I keeled over, gasping for breath. I felt thick fingers grasp the hair on the back of my head, and bring my face toward the knee flying towards me. It collided with my nose and broke it with a sickening crunch, causing hot blood to trickle down my cheek.

I stood up straight at wiped the blood off my face. The man advanced on me, clenching his fists for another strike. This time I saw the bunching of his shoulder muscles as he tried to punch me again.

I sidestepped and swung my knee horizontally into his gut. Causing him to keel over, finishing the fight by chopping a pressure point on the back of his neck. Knocking him unconscious.

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