Waking up as the Wrong Person | Little Mix/One Direction

Amy Jones is a nineteen year old girl who lives in London.
And Jade Thirlwall is the singer in Little Mix.
Jade is involved in a car crash with Little Mix, which sadly took her life.
Amy wants a different life, not the one where she has an abusive Father and lives in a crummy old flat.
So Amy makes a wish, at 11:11 to be someone else. Someone who has a better life.
And well, her wish comes true.
\ "Waking up as the Wrong Person | Little Mix/One Direction" Copyright (C) honeyperrie 2013-2014 / Rated Yellow-mature content \


6. Chapter Six

Chapter Six


Now what do I do? Louis had just kissed me again. Paparazzi got a picture. It's gonna be all over the internet and magazines. I'll be framed for cheating, and Sam will want to end everything. And Louis will be framed for cheating too, and he and Eleanor will probably not survive as a couple anymore. Louis is ruining everything in Jade's life, and his too. Why was he doing this anyway? Is he still in love with Jade? Why can't he just get over it and stop kissing me!

I haven't let my room in two days. We have a few weeks off before going on tour, which I am extremely nervous about, and in those few weeks I am going to stay in my bed doing nothing.

"Jade, Sam's here." I shot up as soon as Perrie said "Sam's here." No, no, no, I can't speak to him! What if he knows?

"I don't wanna speak to anyone." I said, burying my head in the duvet. The door shut, and I heard no more, so hopefully they were gone.

"Jade," I heard Sam say. I sighed, and got up.

"Yeah?" I asked, hoping he didn't know. Even if he didn't, I'd have to tell him. I looked up at him and our eyes locked. He looked sad. Great, he must know.

"Tell me what this is about." He held his phone in front of me, on it a picture of Louis and I's kiss. I sighed and put my head in my hands, and started crying. Sam sat beside me and rubbed my back.

"Aren't you mad?" I asked. No guy who just saw a picture of his girlfriend kissing another guy would try to comfort her.

"Of course I am, confused too. But I hate seeing you upset, no matter what. Why did you kiss him?" Sam replied.

"I-I didn't kiss him, he kissed me. I didn't want him to, he just... done it." I told him, truthfully. At least I wasn't lying. Hey, I was lying about who I was on the inside.

"Tell me the truth- Has he kissed you any other times?" I went silent for a minute. Should I tell him he's kissed me two other times? I can't keep hiding everything from him.

"Y-yes, two before." Sam's anger showed in his eyes. He began to stand up, but I grabbed his arm and gripped on it tightly. "Don't do anything, please. I'm going to sort this out myself. He's ruining his relationship too."

"Why do you care about his relationship?" Sam suddenly yelled. I wiped some tears from my makeup-less eyes.

"Because no one deserves to get hurt. I don't want Eleanor hurt, although she probably is. Sam, I am so sorry." More and more tears flooded out of my eyes, and I couldn't control it.

"Come here," Sam lay beside me and gently pulled me towards him. He wrapped his arms around me and I buried my head in his neck, and he rubbed my back as I continued crying.


"Louis, can I talk to you alone please?" I asked Louis as soon as I saw him. The girls and I were all going out with our boyfriends, and the One Direction boys were coming too. I was going to talk to Louis and try to get him to stop doing this, and Sam was going to be close by in case he tried anything. Louis nodded and got up from his seat next to Zayn, and we walked around the corner of the club. Yes, another club. Leigh-Anne's idea.

"What's up?" He asked. I turned my head to the right and saw Sam. He smiled reassuringly and I turned back to Louis.

"What's up? You've kissed me three times and jeopardized my relationship, as well as yours. Sam knows about all three, by the way." I told him angrily. Louis chuckled slightly, and I frowned at him.

"Who cares what he knows?" Louis brought his hand up to my cheek and rubbed it gently. I grabbed his arm and threw it down, looking over to Sam. I saw by now he had stood up, with his arms crossed across his chest.

"I care. Louis, I don't love you. I love Sam. What happened to Eleanor anyway, the rest of the boys have their girlfriends?" I asked. I hope El wasn't hurt.

"We broke up. She saw the picture on Twitter." Louis told me. I sighed loudly.

"You broke her heart."

"Like you broke mine."

"What?" By now I was confused. We both went silent, and Louis took the opportunity to pull me closer to him and kiss me, I tried pulling away, and punching his chest but he wouldn't let me go. All of a sudden I was pulled away by strong arms. Sam.

"I think it's a good idea if you leave Jade alone." Sam said to Louis. Everyone we came with was now over by us.

"Jade, what's going on?" Jesy asked.

"I'll tell you the whole story later." Everyone nodded.

"That's what you think. It's not what I'll do." Louis smirked. Sam's hands went into fists and made contact with Louis's face. A lot of people were crowded around now.

"Sam, come on." I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. He looked me in the eyes, and sighed.

"This isn't over, Craske." Louis yelled as we walked away. I quickly told Perrie we'd just go back to our flat, and she nodded telling the others.

"I didn't want you to start a fight, Sam." I said. Jade's life was so complicated. Will I ever go back to being Amy?

"I didn't mean to either, but I'm not going to let that idiot kiss you anymore. I love you, Jade." Sam stopped us and put his hands on my waist, then leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I kissed back and put my hands on his shoulders. We broke after ten seconds, and he held my hand as we walked home.


Mega drama! Club fight! Ahh! Sorry this chapter was short, I wanted to get in an update before I can't this weekend. And I have a ton of homework to do for Tuesday. If anyone knows anything about Juanita the Ice Maiden or a famous Scottish scientist please let me know! I hope you're enjoying the story :-) x

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