Waking up as the Wrong Person | Little Mix/One Direction

Amy Jones is a nineteen year old girl who lives in London.
And Jade Thirlwall is the singer in Little Mix.
Jade is involved in a car crash with Little Mix, which sadly took her life.
Amy wants a different life, not the one where she has an abusive Father and lives in a crummy old flat.
So Amy makes a wish, at 11:11 to be someone else. Someone who has a better life.
And well, her wish comes true.
\ "Waking up as the Wrong Person | Little Mix/One Direction" Copyright (C) honeyperrie 2013-2014 / Rated Yellow-mature content \


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


Jade's POV


"Finally, you're here Jade! Now we have to go, or we'll be late!" Perrie exclaimed. Today Little Mix had a radio interview, and we were performing a song. I think we're doing Wings acoustic. 

"Sorry!" I apologized, and we all piled into Perrie's car.

"Why were you late anyway, Jade?" Jesy asked, putting on her seat belt next to me.

"I slept through my alarm, and only had half an hour to get ready." I told the girls.

"Half an hour to get ready, but you still look perfect!" Leigh-Anne smiled.

"Thanks!" I returned the gesture, and put on my seat belt just as Perrie started driving.

"What song are we doing today?" I asked.

"It's either our cover of I Will Wait, DNA unplugged or Wings acoustic." Perrie said.

"I think we should do I Will Wait." Leigh-Anne suggested.

"Yeah, I love that one!" Jesy said.

"I Will Wait it is!" I giggled. We chatted for a while, Perrie adding in the funny accent every now and then. That girl was cute. I looked around at my friends. My best friends. I was so lucky I had these girls, and I could live out my dream with them. We all have similar tastes and styles, but we're also unique in a good way. Like today- Jesy was wearing a white long sleeved crop top, that had the words Fashion Happens printed on it in black. Alongside that was black shorts, and fishnet tights with black Doc Martens, with made Jesy looked more flawless than ever. Her gorgeous red hair was curled loosely and left down. Leigh-Anne was wearing a white turtle neck crop top, light blue skinny jeans and red heels. Matching the heels was a red clutch bag, which pulled her whole look together. Her black hair was super curly, and sitting on her left shoulder. Perrie was pulling off a long sleeve Batman crop top, dark denim high waist shorts with fishnet crop leggings underneath and black combat boots. Her blonde hair was up in a messy bun. Today I was wearing a white crop top with black polka dots on it, a red black and white varsity jacket, light denim jeans, Adidas hi-tops with bows on them and a blue snapback from my lovely boyfriend, Sam. I had curled my purple hair, and left it down.

"Are you as excited as I am?" Jesy asked, nudging me.

"Yeah, a little bit nervous though." I smiled to my beaming friend.

"Yeah, that's the thing with us. We're fine in front of massive crows, but put us in front of an intimate crowd and we're like wah!" I laughed when Jesy pulled a funny face.

"Should we practice our song just now?" Leigh-Anne asked.

"Yeah, why not. Fire away Jes!" Perrie said.

'Well I came home, like a stone, and I fell heavy into your arms....' Jesy sang her notes perfectly. We all did. Perrie's solo gave me goosebumps, it was so beautiful. And the amount of effort and emotion Leigh-Anne put in hers was amazing. And I thought I did pretty good too.

'Wait, for you...' We finished the harmony and cheered.

"We are gonna nail this performance!" Jesy smiled.

"Yeah we are!" I giggled. Perrie turned the corner into the radio station car park, and we were bewildered with what we saw. A car was heading straight toward the right side of the car, where I was sitting, at fast speed.

"Perrie, do something!" Leigh-Anne yelled. The car crashed the side of Perrie's car, sending us rolling over on the concrete. No no no, don't let my friends die! They're wonderful girls, their life's can't be over now! All we heard was people outside screaming, and someone yelled at someone else to call an ambulance. All I could feel was pain, and I had blood all over me.

"D-don't... die..." Were the last words I ever said, as I felt my last heartbeat go, and let go of my last breath...


Amy's POV


11:11. Guess this was worth a shot.

"I wish I had a different life, I was in someone else's body.Someone who has an amazing life, with no care in the world." It was stupid do do an 11:11 wish, because they never come true. But I wanted a better life.

I live in a flat in Ohio, but a bad one. The bathroom is broken, it smells horrible no matter how much stuff I spray in here, the walls are falling to pieces and the neighbors are having sex too loud. Every night. It's annoying. And my Dad, Caleb, is abusive. Every time he finds me, he'll beat me up. I have loads of cuts and bruises from him. There was this one time, he punched my stomach so hard I had to go into hospital without him knowing. I sat on the old, creaky bed and thought, but was interrupted.

"Yes Dan, yes! Oh, fuck yes!" I heard the neighbor scream. For goodness sake! I angrily stormed out of my flat and out of the flat building. I have no idea where I was going to go, but anywhere away from that dumb old place. It should be knocked down. I walked down the road until I saw the oh so familiar park, which was the best looking place here. I crossed the road, without looking and a car came flying towards me. I didn't run away in time, as it hit my legs and I was thrown to the ground, my head smashing against the cold, hard concrete. All I saw was blood, and everything started going blurry. It might be worth it to die, I'd never have to see Caleb or my life again. I let everything go black, until I breathed my last breath and felt my last heartbeat...




My eyes fluttered open to see sunlight around me. I sat up from the oddly comfy bed I was in, to see I wasn't in my flat. Instead, I was in a lovely purple and white themed room. I was lying on what felt like a heaven, Queen size looking bed with purple covers and white pillows. I frowned and looked around. To my left was two doors, one purple and one white. Across from me was a white desk, with a purple lamp on it, a laptop and some pencils, pens and paper. Sitting by it was a purple chair. Beside that was a purple bookcase, stacked full with books and DVD boxes. I looked to my right and saw a white bedside table, with a glass of water, packet of wipes and a phone laying on it. By the window on the right, was a purple sofa with white pillows. In front of it was a huge plasma screen TV, beside it a smaller book case with CDs. This definately wasn't my room. I threw the purple covers off and sat at the end of the bed, seeing a pair of caramel coloured legs. I was usually very pale. I looked down and curly, purple hair fell around my face. Definately, not mine, as I had brown hair. I got up and walked towards the purple door, opening it to reveal a walk in wardrobe. It was filled with gorgeous clothes, shoes, jewlery, handbags- everything! Who's house was I in? And why did I look different? I walked out of the wardrobe and into the white door, which was a huge teal themed bathroom. I explored around, finding hair care products that weren't mine (Okay, I think we've established that notihng here is mine?), a large makeup collection and more toiletries. I stood in front of the mirror, looking down at the sink. The mysterious, but familiar, purple curls fell around my face again. I looked up and jumped back at what I saw. Why was Jade Thirlwall in the mirror? Jade done the same thing as I had. I raised one hand, and she done the same. I tilted my head to the right, she done the same. This was creepy.

"What the hell?" I clamped my hand over my mouth when the sweet British voice of Jade came out. What is going on? I stood at the mirror examining myself- Or really, Jade- when the mirror went blurry. I frowned and watched, as words appeared on the cold glass.


Last night, at 11:11 in Ohio, you made a wish to be someone with a better life. Around the same time, here in London, Little Mix were involved in a car crash. The sweet Jade Thirlwall lost her life, and now you are her. You must act as Jade- You're a fan, so you know a lot which helps. It's easy, but there is one rule- You cannot tell anyone. If you do, the spell will be broken and you will go back to being Amy Jones. Jade will be dead, and Little Mix will no longer be the same. Jade's day will be repeated, and you must live it for her, making sure the car crash doesn't happen. Good luck.

P.s. Tell Perrie to take a different route, if you want to avoid the crash.


The words disappeared, and I stood in shock. This must be a trick.

"Jade?" A familiar accent knocked on the door. Perrie. Jade and Perrie share a flat.

"Uh, yeah?" I said, hearing the familiar sweet voice come out again.

"Are you busy? I need help decided what to wear." Perrie asked.

"I'm not busy." This was the oppourtunity to learn more about Jade. I opened the door and there was Perrie Edwards, wearing pajama shorts and a tank top, her blonde hair in a mess.

"Great!" Perrie smiled and grabbed my hand, dragging me out of Jade's- well, my- room and into the kitchen. Lying on the dining table was four outfits.

"Those are your ones on the right, these are mine on the left. Which one do you think?" Perrie asked. I looked at her outfits and pointed to the one on the far left.

"I was thinking that too! Now you need to pick an outfit." Perrie said.

"Um, what are these outfits for?" I asked, confused.

"The radio interview, silly!" Perrie giggled.

"Oh, yeah! That!" I chuckled slightly, pretending I knew. Really I didn't. I looked at the two outfits on the table. They both looked great, but I picked the white crop top with black polka dots on it, red white and black varsity jacket, light denim jeans, hi-tops with bows on them and a blue snapback.

"What time are we leaving?" I asked Perrie.

"Jesy and Leigh-Anne are coming over in about an hour and I'm driving." I widened my eyes.

"Uh, Perrie? Which route are you going to take?" I had to find some way of avoiding this crash.

"The one past the department store, why?" Perrie said.

"Could you possibly take a different route?" I asked.

"Why, Jade?" Perrie giggled.

"Because..." I thought for a minute, when it came to me. "I have to pick up something from Sam." I think that was Jade's mind speaking.

"Oh, okay I'll go past his house then." (A/N Okay, I think Diversity live in Essex, but lets say for the sake of this story that they live in London.).

"Thanks." I smiled to my new blonde friend and ran to my bedroom to get ready.


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