Waking up as the Wrong Person | Little Mix/One Direction

Amy Jones is a nineteen year old girl who lives in London.
And Jade Thirlwall is the singer in Little Mix.
Jade is involved in a car crash with Little Mix, which sadly took her life.
Amy wants a different life, not the one where she has an abusive Father and lives in a crummy old flat.
So Amy makes a wish, at 11:11 to be someone else. Someone who has a better life.
And well, her wish comes true.
\ "Waking up as the Wrong Person | Little Mix/One Direction" Copyright (C) honeyperrie 2013-2014 / Rated Yellow-mature content \


4. Chapter Four

Chapter Four


"Jade, what happened to you last night? Sam came to us and said you were upset and not feeling well, so he was taking you home." Perrie asked.

"I just felt really sick." I told her.

"But he said you were crying too?" Questions, questions, questions.

"I was a bit emotional too." I lied.

"Are you pregnant?" Perrie asked, smiling.

"Perrie! No!" I yelled. Perrie started laughing.

"Okay, okay! Anyway, we have rehearsals today, for our performance on The X Factor tonight." Perrie told me.

"Okay, what time?" I asked.

"Uh, 10am. That's in an hour!" Perrie ran into her room and slammed the door behind her. I laughed at my blonde friend and walked into Jade's room, which I guess I could call mine now. I shut the door behind me and grabbed a purple towel, walking into the bathroom. I let the hot water in the shower run for a bit, before getting in and showering. After that I wrapped the towel around my body and sat at the vanity desk. I blow dried my purple hair then curled it loosely. I done my makeup, which almost the same as last night but with red lip gloss. I then got changed into a purple and white pattern onesie and gold hi-tops. I walked out of Jade's room just as there was a knock on the door. I went to open it, and standing there was Sam.

"Hey Sam, come in." He smiled and kissed my cheek as he walked in. We sat on the couch together.

"I just came to see if you're OK. You were pretty upset last night." Sam said.

"I'm fine now, just mixed emotions last night." I lied. I was getting pretty good at lying.

"I don't like you hiding stuff from me, Jade. You know you can tell me anything." Sam started leaning in, towards my lips.

"Hey Sam." Perrie said, just in time.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'll just..." Perrie began walking away.

"No, we have to leave in a minute anyway, Perrie." I said.

"I'll just be going then. Bye Jade." Sam smiled and kissed my cheek, then walked out the flat.

"Did I interrupt you's?" Perrie asked. I sighed and sat down, my head in my hands.

"I did... I'm sorry, Jade." Perrie sat beside me.

"It's not that. It's just... Perrie, if I tell you this you have to swear not to tell anyone." I said, looking at her.

"I swear I won't. What's up, baba?" Perrie asked.

"Last night, Louis kissed me." I told her, and she gasped.

"Jade! You have to tell Sam!" She said.

"But how? And I don't wanna loose him. I didn't even want to kiss Louis anyway, he just done it." I said.

"Oh Jay," Perrie said.

"I know, I'm a mess."




"Jesy, you're off a little bit. What's up?" Our choreographer, Dan, said. (A/N I don't know who Little Mix's choreographer is, so I made up a guy called Dan.)

"It's nothing," Jesy replied.

"Okay girls, take a break just now." Dan said, walking away. We immediately walked to Jesy.

"What's up, Jes?" I asked.

"Jordan and I broke up." She told us.

"Aw, baba!" Perrie said. We all pulled her into a hug.

"Why?" Leigh-Anne asked.

"We just weren't very happy together. It's for the best." Jesy said.

"I'm sure soon enough you'll find someone who you will be happy with." I smiled.

"Thanks girls." Jesy smiled.

"So what are we doing after rehearsal? The performance isn't until tonight." Leigh-Anne asked.

"We could have a girly day? I think Jes needs one." Perrie said, and Jesy smiled.

"I think that sounds like a great idea." I smiled.

"Back to rehearsal girls!" Dan called.




'These wings are made to fly...' We finished the song and cheered. We were on our way to the mall for a girly day! I couldn't wait, back when I was Amy I never had girly days because I had no friends.

"That was awesome girls!" Leigh-Anne yelled.

"We're here!" Perrie said. We cheered again and got out of Perrie's car. We got the lift up to the shopping floor, which was the top floor. Luckily we weren't bombarded by fans, just a few people asking for photos and stuff. We walked into the huge mall, and instantly saw a Starbucks. Yum.

"Can we get Starbucks? I'm dying for a mocha light frappuccino!" I said.

"Same!" Perrie said. We walked into Starbucks, Jesy and I grabbing a table while Perrie and Leigh-Anne ordered. They came back about five minutes later with out drinks.

"Thanks, girls." I smiled, taking a sip of my mocha light frappuccino.

"So, where are we going first?" Leigh-Anne asked.

"We could go to Phase Eight, then Ness?" I suggested. The girls nodded and we finished up our drinks, then walked to Phase Eight.

"Beanies! I need beanies!" Jesy laughed. We all laughed at her reaction to beanies and walked towards them. I decided I'd buy a beanie.

"Jade, you don't usually wear beanies? It's usually snapbacks from Sam!" Perrie asked.

"Thought I'd go for a change." I said. Bad move, Amy. What if Jade hates beanies?

"You better run that past our stylist!" Jesy said.

"Oh well!" We continued walking around the store finding things to buy, when I saw him. Louis.

"Hey girls." He smiled, walking up to us."

"Hey Louis. What're you doing here?" Leigh-Anne said.

"Getting stuff for Eleanor. And you's?" Louis replied, looking right at me.

"Having a girly day before our performance." Perrie told him.

"I'm gonna go pay, who's coming with?" Jesy asked. Leigh-Anne and Perrie said me, before I could get in.

"Jade, stay here with Louis!" The girls rushed off to pay, leaving me standing awkwardly with Louis.

"Hi Jade." He smiled, as if nothing happened.

"About last night, it didn't mean anything. And if anyone got pictures of it, you've ruined me and Sam. Just letting you know." I told him.

"It meant something to me. Jade, you've changed since then. And I love you more." Louis stepped closer to me, making me step farther back.

"No, Louis. I love Sam, and you love Eleanor." I said.

"What if I don't love Eleanor?" He asked.

"Why are you buying stuff for her then?" I asked, confused.

"I'm nice?" He said in a 'wasn't it obvious?' tone.

"You're nice?!? You're in love with another girl whilst you're with a girl!" I whisper yelled.

"I'm not in love with Eleanor. I'm in love with you." He stepped closer to me and kissed me on the lips, and we heard a click of a camera. I pushed Louis hard, and ran off. Why does he have to make Jade's life so complicated?


YAY! AN UPDATE! I'm so sorry it has taken forever, I've been so busy because it's the first week back at school this week. I promise I'll try and update more, but it's hard to juggle school, homework, life, Movellas and Wattpad at the same time!

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