Good Girls Are Bad Girls (Michael Clifford love story)

ose is your average good girl gone wrong, one summer while trying to sneek out of the house to visit her drug dealer of a boyfriend tyler, she gets caught by her oh so strict parent, so was ship to australia to live with her Aunt, where she will complete year 10,how does she met the charming Michael Clifford. read to find out


6. Your my girlfriend

I desended the stair case, walked to wear the door was and opened "so why exactly did you call me right after i left" calum said "thats why you need to come up stairs "Tell me whats going on now Rose Mathers" he said angrely "oh you know just you lying cheat girlfriend that like to keep secrets from there boyfriend about fucking there best mate" i said shouting "what the fuck? are you stoned rosie" culam said shocked "no,now get your butt up that stair case "

we walked up the stairs and into massey's bedroom, i looked over a calum to see his eyes begin to tear up "danielle? Mickey? w..why.." Calum started but as soon as he finished you can see rage and angry cross is face "YOU, YOUR MY FREAKIN GIRLFRIEND YOUR NOT MEANT TO BE SLEEPING WITH MY BEST MATE AND DONT EVEN GIVE AN EXCUSE OKAY BECAUSE THIS IS IT DEE GOODBYE WE HAVE BROKEN UP AND AS FOR YOU YOUR MY FREAKIN BEST MATE AND YOUR NOT TO BE SLEEPING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND...." thats when michael and dee sprinted out of the room and out the door and down the street, i walked up to calum i know i dont know him for long i hugged him "Calum...i am so sorry i just thought that it will be best to tell you and all, i didnt mean to make you upset or angry" i said calmly "Rose you did the right thing not the wrong like like those to" calum said "Sorry to break it you calum but you need to leave you and rose both have school tomorrow" wait Calum went back to school "what school are you going to Calum?" i asked i was really shocked by this "ummm....Bundaberg High" He said "OMG same" "ha. okay well see you tomorrow girls" Calum said walking out of the room, me and massey followed behind.

when we got to the door i opened it gave Calum one last hug so did massey and he left.


sorry this is shitty chapter xx

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