Good Girls Are Bad Girls (Michael Clifford love story)

ose is your average good girl gone wrong, one summer while trying to sneek out of the house to visit her drug dealer of a boyfriend tyler, she gets caught by her oh so strict parent, so was ship to australia to live with her Aunt, where she will complete year 10,how does she met the charming Michael Clifford. read to find out


7. wanted visit

Seriously why does school have to exist, you wake up at six, get ready and for girls that is even longer, and then breakfast. incase you are asking i am eating breakfast, then i heard the door open, okay what the heck massey's still sleeping who could this be, i heard them walking around in the lounge room then i seen the shadow getting closer, OMG i am going to die i picked up the spoon i was using and then the door swang open, and in walked....michael. "FREAKING HELL MICHAEL YOU SCARED ME" i screamed at him "i'm sorry" he replied "any way what do you want you unwanted here" i asked in a flat tone, finishing breakfast "well i came to apologize for what you seen last night" he said walking closer to where i was putting the dish in the sink, when i turned around michael was in front of me holding my waist with his hands "your really pretty" he said, looking at my eyes and then my lips "whatever your thinking dont do it" i said pushing him  off me, walked upstairs him hot on my trail, i walked upstairs got my school bag and phone of the charge took on more look in the mirror to fix any fly aways in my hair or to fix up my uniform #ew, in the mirror reflection i could see michael on my spinny chair, just turning, he looked so cute wait? what? did ii just think that. just then there was a knock on bedromm door.

"biatch get up school remember" she said starting to open the door, omg what to do, michael looked at me in shock and panic "what the hell? MICHAEL WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" then she looked at me "Rosie what were you thinking letting him in here" she said in a calmer tone "he-he-he got in here while i was eating breakfast, i didnt let him in" i said looking her dead in the eye, she ran a hand through her notty hair, she pointed to me and him "you go out, and rosie see him out". we both exited my room down the stairs and to the front door just as i was about to open it he grabbed my waist pulling me back against him as he started to kiss my cheek making his way down to my neck.

"get off me" i said trying to push him off like i did before but it didnt work he span me around and pushed my on the wall "can i do something to you first" he said, he took one hand  from my hip and pulled away the hair that fell in front of my face taking it behind my ear, his eyes watching mine "can i kiss you" he asked but i couldnt reply, because he placed his lips on mine and kissed me, a tiggaling sensation started on my lips me still not kissing back but as the tiggaling got stronger he put one hand just above my bum, the tiggaling still getting stronger i finally started to kiss back, there was something about michael, whenever he did something wrong, he just kissed the person that was in trouble.

Then there was a knock, shit shit shit shit shit thats calum , we heard keys being rattles, i grabbed michaels hand and pulled him to the back  door  out now before he gets in, "not with out a kiss" he said, i gave him a quick peck and pushed him out and shut the bind just in time to see calum came into view "Hey, knock about a billion times, how came you didn't answer "i-i was out the back umm looking at masseys plants" i said, see thats the thing about me i am the worst liar "but massey has no plants" he said giving me a strange look "oh she doesnt, well i was out the back"  i said "okay well we need to go otherwise we are gonna be late for school.

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