Good Girls Are Bad Girls (Michael Clifford love story)

ose is your average good girl gone wrong, one summer while trying to sneek out of the house to visit her drug dealer of a boyfriend tyler, she gets caught by her oh so strict parent, so was ship to australia to live with her Aunt, where she will complete year 10,how does she met the charming Michael Clifford. read to find out


3. That Day

Today is my one week anniversary of living in Australia, Anyway i am doing my laundry and just hang my things out on the line, when i hear a tune to one of many of my fav 5sos's songs being strummed on a Guitar, it was beside you this person has got to be pro to play this song, as i made my way to the opening of the fence between massey's and her neighbours, i see bleached looking hair as i got even closer the features starting come out pink lips pale skin green eyes all facing sideways to me, thats when it hit me. This boy was michael clifford from 5 seconds of summer i sat next to the opening were he wouldn't see me.

Me Being me, occasionally took  a few glances at him, i listen to he's strumming to random songs of theres and is every so often line when he sings, his voice making me go weak in the knees,  when he stopped strumming, i looked over the opening, to see him looking over at where my eyes where, i quickly ducked down and made my way behind the BBQ i then heard a thump where the opening was. shit. he saw me. i then heard footsteps getting closer, and closer and closer. and then it stop. maybe he walked away silently? "you know i can see you" Michael said. omg he knows i exist "who me? no i was sitting here the whole time" i said full conferdence "okay, you keep telling your self that babe" he just called me babe "wait..." omg i am talking to Michael Clifford "yesss?" he said extending the s on the yes "can you sign my phone? i am like a huge fan" i say jumping up and down, and he cames the fangirling "I knew you were a fan. and yes i will sign your phone" i handed him my phone, "okay we ask this question a lot but who is your favourite?" He asked, well this is getting awkward well because he is my favourite "umm..the lead gutarist" i say awkwardly "oh so your fav is ca-wait no thats me" i just nod awkwardly "hey Mikey, how are the boys?" Massy says interuppting our conversation wait she knew.

"You knew along that michael lived and why did you not say anything?" i scream in her face but in a family friendly way "umm... actually his aunt lives here, and yeah i knew hello have been living here for 9 months now" "okay have to go my Aunt is calling me" we waited "MICHAEL CLIFFORD IF YOUR OVER THAT POOR GIRLS HOUSE AGAIN I THIN I MIGHT HAVE TO TIE YOU TO THE BED" he quickly sprinted off "well that escalated quickly." i said as me and massy was making our way in side. 

At night

i was sitting in my room studying my timetable for tomorrow yes school remember and seeing as in tomorrow is monday so thats when i start, then i felt my phone buzz probably crissy asking me shit i dont know, i took my phone out of my pocket to see a name that made me scream....

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