Good Girls Are Bad Girls (Michael Clifford love story)

ose is your average good girl gone wrong, one summer while trying to sneek out of the house to visit her drug dealer of a boyfriend tyler, she gets caught by her oh so strict parent, so was ship to australia to live with her Aunt, where she will complete year 10,how does she met the charming Michael Clifford. read to find out


5. Pizza Hut

we walk into pizza hut taking the right back corner "hey dee get your skinny but over here, i girl cames over with long bleached black hair and glowing green eyes yet very tan skin "whats up boys, massey and..." she says looking at me "oh my names rosie" she nods ands sits on calums lap "and how are my punk boyfriend" "rebel as always" calum laughs " so rosie your british right?" " yep born and raised" i reply "then why are you here?" "Oh umm Massey's my Aunt" "cool, so what can i get yous?" she says winking at michael, michael blushes "meat lovers Hawaiian and a plain cheese" "have they like already taught you there order" dee says "umm no" i say laughing

we left pizza hut about two hours ago and we are back at home now just chillin around the bonfire, luke has guitar in hand along with michael and are strumming on some strange tunes"i am going to go inside for a sec mickyy came with?" "sure danielle" "dont call me that" she screams running inside and michael chasing after her.

its been twenty minutes since micky and dee left and they are still not back "hey guys i think i am going to bed big day tomorrow" yea we have to go to the rest say running to the back fence and jumping over it "i think i might stay out here a little longer" massey says "okay". i walk up the stairs to my bed room and see the light in my room is on strange i open the door and scream theres michael and dee laying under my covers possibly naked "get out get out GET OUT" i shout you see michael and dee run out of my bed room with both sheets around them Massey's at the top of the stair "and where do you two think you are going" massey says anger clear in her voice "ummmm..home" haha good joke now get in my room and stay in there until calum comes back" "no! no! you cant tell him please it will break him dont tell him" Dee pleaded. 

i looked at michael with discast, what a jerk how could he do this to his best mate "to late .bitch." we hear a knock on the door...


to be continued sometime i dont know when xx love yous

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