Good Girls Are Bad Girls (Michael Clifford love story)

ose is your average good girl gone wrong, one summer while trying to sneek out of the house to visit her drug dealer of a boyfriend tyler, she gets caught by her oh so strict parent, so was ship to australia to live with her Aunt, where she will complete year 10,how does she met the charming Michael Clifford. read to find out


4. Michael

i sat there staring at my phone in shock after my little scream, "rose? Rosie wwhere are you did...." i still sat there staring at the message Michael Friken Clifford texted me 'do you and massy want to come out with me and the boys for dinner', "why'd you scream" "Michael friken clifford texting me" "oh, i thought ashton threw himself at the window, swear he dids to get checked out" "wait he does that" i say trying to hold in the laughter "yep" then i lose it i crack up laughing my ass of you could say 'rolf'ing.

After calming down Massy Asked me "so what did Mikey want?" "he asked if we want to go out for dinner with him and the boys" i say "ha. i am usually the one that gets those kinds of texts, but yea sure why not" thats when we heard a bang on the window, we opened it and because it has no fly screen stuck our heads out the window to she an Ashton on the dirty floor, me and massy bursted out laughing again "well your a loving friend massy, who's the girl" Ashton said, getting up an winking at me "this is my niece Rosie, hands of punk" i laughed at how she called him a punk, he defiantly not a punk.

"so you coming or not" "tots" i said jumping out the window "uggghh why does no one use the door a`round here "because doors are for losers" me and Ashton say at the same time, he just smirks "so Rosie, i have heard your a fan whose your favourite" "Michael." i state blushing "awwwww someone has a crush" Ashton squels "ever since 2011" massy says walking past us "MASSY!!!!" I scream "nawwwww" Ashton Shrieks.


I know massive filler chapter 

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