Runaway Girl (A One Direction Fanfic)

My name is Lilly. I just ran away from my abusive Dad. I have no where to go. My mum died giving birth and I don't have any other family. So basically, I'm homeless.


4. What should I do now?

Lilly POV


As soon as I was sorted, me, Harry, Louis and Niall went back to the big house. "What now?" I asked them all. "There is no way I'm letting you back to your Dad. Sorry, Lil- mind if I call you that?" Niall asked me. He smiled gently, and quite simply- adorably. I think I have a crush. NO! I don't even know him, and even if I did- how can I trust him. Anyway, he is in the worlds most famous boy band, so he might just want to try and take care of me for the paps. He probably doesn't even like me...


Niall POV

She was so beautiful, Lilly- with her emerald eyes and fiery red hair- I think I might like her. But I don't even know her, and sure- I might have just saved her life- but I can't hold any feelings for her yet. But I know that the heart gets what it wants, so maybe... maybe, I might just fall in love with her. 


Lilly POV

"You don't have anything, do you?" Louis said. "My girlfriend can take you shopping, but you'll have to be careful. And I could get Perrie to too..."

"Erm, thanks Louis. I really appreciate it, but- I don't have any money." 

"We," Harry said to me. "Have enough money and if it means that with this money we can help you through this, then so be it." 

"But- but," I desperately wanted to go shopping, but I couldn't use their money. 

"No buts." Said Niall firmly. "You are going shopping!" Dang, he looked so cute. NO! Please, don't do anything to make me fall in love with you! Niall walked over to the door and opened it. "Ladies first." He said gently. You idiot!



Niall POV 

That was it. I couldn't resist it anymore. I had to show her something kind. I walked over to the front door and opened it. "Ladies first," I said. Lilly looked at me for a moment then looked away again. She entered the door, as fast as she could, on crutches. No! Horan, get yourself together. She doesn't like you! I can get her to, I replied to my brain. 



Kevin POV

I looked at the TV screen, and there she was. Lilly was on the news, in a hospital- with the so called 'One Direction'. "Bitch!" I shouted. "I will get you, Lilly May. And when I do, I will kill you.



So, what do you think? Had a few reads, one like- and just to be clear, Kevin is Lilly's Dad. What do you think will happen next? Comments are really appreciated- so yeah. Next chapter up soon! 

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