Runaway Girl (A One Direction Fanfic)

My name is Lilly. I just ran away from my abusive Dad. I have no where to go. My mum died giving birth and I don't have any other family. So basically, I'm homeless.


1. The Leave

Lilly POV


I backed into a corner, crying. My Father, with his knives and fists, would be in any moment now. He would beat the living daylight out of me, then leave me until the next day- giving me a slice of bread and a glass of water in between. You see, he didn't do this for a reason. He did it for pleasure. 

Lilly May, that's me. 17 years old, red hair and quite skinny. I never knew my mother- she died giving birth to me but she was probably the one I got my hair from. 


I heard footsteps coming nearer and nearer, closer and closer- until they stopped outside the door. The door shot open in an instant, my Father walking in. This time, he bared no knives, which was not a good thing. Usually, when he had the knives- he was in a good move because he only cut me. But when he had nothing, he used his fists- and he used them hard. "Lilian!" He shouted (that's my full name) "Get here NOW!" I slowly stood up and carefully walked towards him. He raised his fists and punched me hard. One to my neck, multiple to my chest and a few to my head. He kept hitting and hitting, and when he was satisfied- he walked out. 


Aching and bleeding, I thought to myself "Now is the time." I lifted the piece of wood of the windowsill- luckily I had already opened the window beforehand, with all the energy I could possibly have. Then silently, and painfully- I lurched myself out of the window and landed on the ground. I must have broken something when I landed, because there was an almighty shock of pain went through my whole body. But, nonetheless- I got up and ran. I fast as I could, as hard as I could. I heard somebody shouting from behind- my Father, I needed to hide. I ducked into a bush and waited. 


As I waited, I looked at my arms and legs. My legs were bleeding, alright- and one of them was bent into a horrible position. My arms were bleeding too, not as much as my legs. Noises could be heard, shouts and fury's of anger. Footsteps, that were coming closer and closer. Then they stopped. Had he found me? Oh God, he had found me! But then, the footsteps could be heard again, this time- walking further and further away, until nothing could be heard. I was safe- for now. 


I stood up slowly and carefully, trying not to cause myself any pain. I limped towards the park across the street, where I saw a bench I could rest- deep beneath the trees where my Father wouldn't find me. I slowly reached for the bench and lay down. Soon, I fell asleep, but it was a cold, hard night- with not many happy dreams lurking about.






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