Runaway Girl (A One Direction Fanfic)

My name is Lilly. I just ran away from my abusive Dad. I have no where to go. My mum died giving birth and I don't have any other family. So basically, I'm homeless.


2. He Found Me.



"Guys! Guys! We're meant to be a band!" I shouted. "And we should act like one right now."

"But you started it!" Harry started. 

"And I want to finish it. Now, I'm gonna go out for a walk- and while I'm gone, you're going to sort out all of this. Ok?" I replied, leaving the house. 


I walked and walked and walked. I thought about US, One Direction. Why the hell were we all arguing? They should all have it sorted by the time I come back. I stopped, looking over at a park. It was dark, and I know that- but I saw something move on the bench. I ran over, and saw a figure lying down, sleeping- probably not peacefully. I bent down to have a further look, it was a girl. Why was she here? Then, I saw something glisten in the moonlight. Blood? I smelt the air- yes, it was blood. It was all over the girls body. I needed to take her to safety. I carefully picked her up and she groaned, but then she went back to sleep again. Her leg was bent uncomfortably, and she was bleeding everywhere. 


I walked as fast as I could back to the house. I opened the door and walked in. The boys, all of them, were sitting on the couch watching football. Boys, hey? They looked my way, and then at the girl. 


"Oh my God." Said Zayn. "Niall, what the fuck?" 

"I found her on a bench, we need to help her." I replied. Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn all ran over, making little noise as possible. 

"Where's she gonna go?" Louis asked. 

"She can sleep in my room," I answered. "Now, we need to get some bandages and we'll take her to the doctors tomorrow. She's really hurt herself, and God knows how." I took the girl upstairs as Liam and Harry helped to put her in the bed. Zayn and Louis came back up with bandages. We VERY carefully tied some to her arms and legs, and put pressure on her head. We then turned off the lights and I stayed watch.






Well, what do you think? Hehe, I'm feeling very bored so I might just keep writing today. Well, let me know...


Fly On

Lilly :)

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