The Night

The idea came to me long ago. I worked on it it is.
I hope you like it!


1. The Night


                                                        THE NIGHT


Thou descend down from the faint yet gentlest of moonbeams

Thou sway delicately with the slumbering trees,

Thou move lightly with the cool breeze.

Thy aura is felt in the flickering lanterns,

Thou convey the dusk’s subtle fragrance…

Thou reside on the crinkled leaves as early morn’s tender dew.

Thou walk fearlessly on the deserted roads,

Thou sail along the quietest of waters.

Thou peep through my window-sill

Thou dance and tiptoe into my mind-

Enchanting me to a surreal trance.

Thou trickle down from my face as the muted shadow,

And when I try to encapsulate thy presence,

Thou flit away and escape from the same moonlight.


Thou are cloaked in the endless sable robes-

Bejewelled with glistening pearls!

Thou breathe and open a yawning bridge-

That leads me to the Lord’s dwelling.

Thy tuneful melody lingers in everyone’s heart-

Bringing peace to restive minds, soothing every jaded soul,

Refreshing the ambience after a hot day’s work!

Thou provide wings to every soul’s dreams,

Giving the needful sleep to every tired babe’s longing eyes.


Thou stay awake and watch over all thy children

And at dawn, thy dreamy fragments waft with the blustery gust.

Thou are happy- for thou will return-

To look after thy infants, to maintain the nature’s balance.

And when this universal equilibrium is imperilled,

Thy watchful eyes will safeguard the unripe humankind from danger…


Thou advance ahead from my door,

Continuing thy course, humming and surging to the fore,

Leaving behind a trail of fresh zephyr…

…The very quintessence of the night!




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