Our Life

It's about twins who win the X-Factor also the youngest X-Factor Winners! They meet the other contestants. First Place is them, Second Place a new band named Little Mix, and Third Place a band named One Direction. They were really good.


3. X-Factor Day

Febronia P.O.V.

L: Wake up X-Factor day!

Our sister yelled.

F:Ok gosh I'll wake Merna up.

I went to Merna's room and I yelled in her ear.

M: whaaaaaa

F: X-Factor!

M: oh yeah k go get dressed.

I went to my room and got dressed in this...

Ya I changed my outfit. I wore some white sandals...

I wore some lip gloss and checked my self in the mirror and went downstairs. Merna wasn't wearing the outfit we decided on yesterday oh well. Merna wore this....

I loved it we wore the same sandals. We ate some cereal and we left the house.

-Arrived at X-Factor-

We got our number and waited in the waiting room. They called our number and we went. I was so nervous but I knew that this was our big break so I sucked it up and we sung.

-End of song-

Simone: I have to say no

Nicole:I say yes

Mark: I say no

We just nodded and everyone booed them an we got off the stage and cried. We were crying and the next person came on so we stopped and watched. It was some guy named Harry. He was pretty good. Once again the judges said 'no' and the  crowd booed and he got off the stage and went to the bathroom. I saw him and decided to say I have to go to the bathroom and I brought Merna with me. The boy was about to walk in but I stopped him.

(H:Harry, F:Febronia, M:Merna)

F: I thought you sang very good.

H: Thanks but the judges didn't think so.... Hey I saw you on you were great!

M:Thanks *smiled then frowned*

H: Well I gotta go


He walked in to the restroom and me and her went to watch the show. Some boys after Harry were Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. The show ended after that.

Harry P.O.V.

I went in the restroom after talking to those adorable two twins and I used it and I walked out and bumped into a boy named Louis.

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