Our Life

It's about twins who win the X-Factor also the youngest X-Factor Winners! They meet the other contestants. First Place is them, Second Place a new band named Little Mix, and Third Place a band named One Direction. They were really good.


2. Chapter One: Day before X-Factor

Hey guys sorry I keep having the same characters but my friends keep telling me to make a Movella about me and them and If I don't they will be mad... give me ideas in the comments and if you wanna be in my Movella comment info about you. The best idea wins and gets to be in my Movella! Picking two people don't know how but I'll make it work! I LOVE twins I wish I was a twin oh well! :( BTW the girls have a little sister. Kay byeeeeeXx. Love ya! keep reading... Like!?..... Favorite!?...... Comment!?..... FAN!?

Merna P.o.v.


(F=Febronia, M=Mom, D=Dad, Meme=Merna, and L=Lilly)

D:Hey honeys

F and M: Hey dad.

We sat at the kitchen counter and grabbed some pancakes and syrup. We loved drowning the pancakes in syrup. We took our food up to my room. We walked in and instantly started talking.

Meme:We shopping for X-Factor today I'm so excited

F:Me too.

She got up and doing the happy dance and squealing.

M:You guys okay?

My mom said poking her head in our room.

F:Ya mom were just excited for tomorrow... Hey are we still on for shopping

M:Ya after breakfast get ready and we we'll go ok?

Meme and F: Ok bye mom!

Meme: The X-Factor is amazing! I can't to be on it tomorrow!

F: Me either I hope we win.

-Skip Breakfast-

We got dressed in these...


Yes we wore teenage stuff after all we are 13 so ya. Now Febronia....

We were dressed and put on some jewelry and shoes our little sister came in.

L:hey you guys ready

Lily is 7 and she is the winner of a pageant see...

She's adorable we love her she's so sweet.

F: Ya we will be down there is a sec

L: ok *she left*

Meme: so what should we buy...

F and Meme: Jeans *We think the same*

We went downstairs and my mom was waiting playing on her phone she loves Subway Surfers! My mom looked up.

M: Let's go

We left and got in the car. We were so rich we had a limo with a tv, food bar, stereo, and cute leather seats here is a pic...

We always laid down on the seats.

-Skip Car Ride-

Febronia P.O.V.

Today is the day before we go on the X-Factor. We are excited and we wish to get first but like that is gonna happen. So at least 2,3,or 4 or something like that. Today we are getting ready. Haha I know we wait til' the last minute. Ok so we went to the mall and bought some stuff not all of it was for the X-Factor. We wanted to match on the X-Factor so we both bought this for the X-Factor...

We also bought tank tops, skinny jeans, shorts, shoulder off tops, skirts, shoes, dresses, sweaters, jumpsuits, and tom boy stuff like hats and stuff. We were kinda rich because our dad is a professional wrestler and he is undefeated. That's kinda why. Lilly our little sister also won a pageant. We were so excited!

Hey guys you like? I worked hard! hehe.. oh read my other fan fictions! byeeeee

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