The 64th Annual Hunger Games.

In Panem there's a game. It's not a pleasant game, it's just sick.
Children are chosen to fight to the death. Killing each other for the prize to be a victor.
Becoming a victor means you are bathed in riches and are made famous throughout all of Panem. I come from District 1 and were one of the richest districts. We're also trained in the art of survival, I am actually quite skilled with knives.
In my district it's supposed to be an honour to compete in the games but in reality I am completely terrified to ever have to enter the arena.
My father once won the games and he has set a bunch of rules for me if I ever of them is to not fall for any of the other tributes.

And that's exactly why I am screwed.


2. Introductions. Part 2

(James Franco) Name: Harry. About: Imogen's and Luke's Mentor. After becoming a victor he became a bit mentally unstable. Usually the other victors of District 1 win by themselves with out using his help. 



(Katy Perry) Name: Destiny About: She's a bouncy and bubbly character. She believes that shopping and make up are lives greatest gift. Destiny becomes attached to Imogen and Luke, more than any other tribute before. 



(Matt Bomer) Name: Daniel About: He is unlike any other stylist. Daniel doesn't like all the make up and fancy clothes, he likes to keep it simple. This is because he grew up in District 9 before the Capitol found his talents. He hates the games and respects all the tributes. 

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