The 64th Annual Hunger Games.

In Panem there's a game. It's not a pleasant game, it's just sick.
Children are chosen to fight to the death. Killing each other for the prize to be a victor.
Becoming a victor means you are bathed in riches and are made famous throughout all of Panem. I come from District 1 and were one of the richest districts. We're also trained in the art of survival, I am actually quite skilled with knives.
In my district it's supposed to be an honour to compete in the games but in reality I am completely terrified to ever have to enter the arena.
My father once won the games and he has set a bunch of rules for me if I ever of them is to not fall for any of the other tributes.

And that's exactly why I am screwed.


15. Day 6

Imogen's P.O.V


The rest of the night I slept soundly. One of the reasons was probably because I could feel Hunter's warmth beside me, it was comforting. When I woke up Hunter's arms were around my waist and he was still sleeping. Calmly breathing with a smile on his face. I wonder what he was dreaming about. I slipped out of his arms and checked everything. Our supplies were all still there, there was no sign of any activity, and the trees were clear. Suddenly someones hands covered my arms and I squealed in surprise. The familiar scent of lavender filled my nose, it was Hunter. 
"Guess who," he said in a raspy morning voice. I grinned and elbowed him in the stomach. He grimaced and stumbled backwards. We ate the berries and dried fruit we had left. Not very filling. I washed my face and dirty arms. After that we relaxed, just laying in the grass. Making small talk. I watched the clouds, although I knew they were fake I wanted to touch them and play on them. 
"You know it hasn't rained since we got in this arena," I pointed out. Hunter smirked. 
"They don't want us to have water, cruelest thing possible right?" he teased. I knew he was joking because there were many things crueler than not getting rain. 
"I am starving!" Hunter exclaimed. "Should we start trying to find lunch?" he asked. I nodded and we ran into the forest. 


Hunter and I had just got back from hunting. We got one scrawny looking rabbit. The game keepers were being harsh. We walked back into our camping site and I was shocked to see a girl sitting in between our supplies. She had tangled ginger hair that fell down her back. I couldn't see her face because her back was turned to us. But she was very skinny and looked sick. Hunter looked at me worriedly. I couldn't see a weapon but people can surprise you. I snuck up behind her, an arms length away. I cringed as I accidentally stepped on a twig. It crunched under my feet and the girl jumped around. She had green/hazel eyes and she looked horrified. Defenceless and afraid. She wasn't prepared. I brought my knife into throwing position but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Her whole face was begging me not to. Guilt bubbled through me and I nearly pulled away, but I reminded myself I had to do this. It was apart of the games. I threw the knife before I could change my mind and the girl cried out as it hit her chest. The familiar sound of the canon fired but I could only hear it faintly. The sound of the girls cry echoed through my mind over and over, until my head began pounding. 


I sat down in the grass. 
"It's alright, it's apart of the games, it's what your supposed to do," Hunter said sadly. 
"Alright? Supposed to?" I spat at him angrily. "Nothing of this is alright!" 
"I didn't mean it like that, I said it wrong. Sorry," he said. I turned my head, ignoring him. 

I while later I felt the strong scent of burning meat on a camp fire. Hunter was preparing lunch/dinner. I decided to help, making a "salad" out of edible grasses, berries and dried apples. I filled up our water bottles. We ate in silence and then I turned away again. I was trained to kill other tributes, why did I feel so guilty. Because of her pleading eyes begging for her life, a voice exclaimed inside my head. I sighed and lay down, shutting my eyes. Shutting out the world. I didn't fall asleep  just laid there, thinking. 


Now there are only 3 left....

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