The 64th Annual Hunger Games.

In Panem there's a game. It's not a pleasant game, it's just sick.
Children are chosen to fight to the death. Killing each other for the prize to be a victor.
Becoming a victor means you are bathed in riches and are made famous throughout all of Panem. I come from District 1 and were one of the richest districts. We're also trained in the art of survival, I am actually quite skilled with knives.
In my district it's supposed to be an honour to compete in the games but in reality I am completely terrified to ever have to enter the arena.
My father once won the games and he has set a bunch of rules for me if I ever of them is to not fall for any of the other tributes.

And that's exactly why I am screwed.


14. Day 5

Sasha's P.O.V 


I walked to the other side of the tree, Imogen and Hunter were still lying there together. Suddenly I saw something move in the trees. I grabbed my trident and stayed out of sight. Another tribute was standing in the trees holding a spear which was pointed at Hunter. He threw the spear and I ran out in front of his aim, so it would hit me instead of Hunter. At the same time I threw my trident, killing the boy in the trees. 
I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. The spear had hit. I couldn't breathe and it hurt so much. I shook Hunter's foot and he woke up with a start. When he saw me a look of dread crossed his eyes. I groaned and shut my eyes. 
"Good luck in the games Hunter," I managed to gurgle. This was it, my dying words. I felt his sweaty palms hold my hand. 
"Sorry," he whispered. "For everything." I faintly smiled but couldn't see the light anymore. I couldn't feel Hunter's grip anymore. I couldn't feel anything.


Hunter's P.O.V


She was dead now. Not moving and no emotion in her eyes. I shivered as I let go of her cold hands. Imogen embraced me into a hug. I didn't want to cry and I didn't think I would. Sasha and I weren't that close. But I felt really guilty, she loved me and I never loved her back. Sasha had died for me! 
"Was she close to you?" Imogen whispered. She didn't sound jealous just upset, she knows how it is to loose someone you knew. 
"She was clingy and sometimes annoying, but I guess she was a friend. She was from my District," I answered honestly. 
We moved away from the camp, not wanting to be around Sasha's dead presence. We went by the lake and filled up our water bottles. Imogen thought it was a good idea to sleep near the lake. It had a lot of hiding places and most importantly it was by water. We sat in silence for a long time staring at the rippling water. Thinking. I felt a weird feeling as if someone was watching me. I looked around and caught Imogen staring at me. She looked hypnotised and dazed. My eyes locked on hers and she blushed heavily. Imogen turned her head and I began laughing. I jumped over and began tickling her. She squealed and squirmed, gasping for air.


 Imogen used all her strength and pushed me off. I was so surprised that I didn't react quick enough. She pushed me and suddenly I was soaking wet. The cold water sent chills up my spine. Imogen was laughing so hard, rolling around in the grass. With a mischievous grin plastered on my face I lunged toward her. I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the water. She screamed as she resurfaced. Goosebumps covered her arms, the water was freezing. I pulled her into a hug.
We stood in the water, holding each other. I looked into her blue clear eyes. She looked happy but I knew these games were painful for her. Imogen glanced at my lips and I grinned. I lent forward and we fell into a passionate kiss. Our lips moving in synch happily. She pulled away and I followed her back to the grass. 
"I think I really love you Imogen," I stated. She smiled broadly lighting up her face. Imogen looked beautiful. 
"I love you too Hunter, it's just meant to be right?" she giggled. 


Imogen's P.O.V


Hunter began laughing. I loved his laugh. It was so bright and joyful. Our little moment was interrupted by the sound of a canon. My smile fell, another innocent person dead. I sat down with my head in my hands, how can people watch this? How can people enjoy this? I hated President Snow, he was so manipulative and horrible. Wouldn't the guilt get to you if you made these games? I sighed and Hunter wrapped his arm around me. 
"Please don't cry, it's alright," he whispered. I felt the tears roll down my cheeks. This was awful. 
"Listen your getting out of the arena.....alive," he said trying to comfort me. But it only made me cry more. What about him, and Luke, and Sasha, and all the others! Hunter sighed and shook his head. Mumbling an apology. 
"Sorry...I-I- just wh-what about yo-ou?" I asked shakily. He shrugged. 
"We'll see," he said. But I saw in his eyes he knew what he was going to do. I wasn't going to let him though. He couldn't sacrifice himself for me. 


It was only two o'clock but I felt my eye lids droop. Crying made you wear out. I was soon fast asleep. I didn't have to think about anything and I just relaxed. After a while my sleep turned into a nightmare. It was scary and confusing. It was about loosing everybody I love and living in a destroyed world. I woke up shaking and sweaty. Hunter was next to me looking nervous. 
"You were screaming," he said confused. 
"Horrible dream," I explained. I wiped away my tears and tried to smile. It turned into a nervous grimace. Hunter laughed. 
"Come on I will sleep with you," he said teasing me. We fell asleep in each others arms. Holding each other tightly, like nothing in the world could ever separate us. 


Now there were only 4 left!  





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