The 64th Annual Hunger Games.

In Panem there's a game. It's not a pleasant game, it's just sick.
Children are chosen to fight to the death. Killing each other for the prize to be a victor.
Becoming a victor means you are bathed in riches and are made famous throughout all of Panem. I come from District 1 and were one of the richest districts. We're also trained in the art of survival, I am actually quite skilled with knives.
In my district it's supposed to be an honour to compete in the games but in reality I am completely terrified to ever have to enter the arena.
My father once won the games and he has set a bunch of rules for me if I ever of them is to not fall for any of the other tributes.

And that's exactly why I am screwed.


13. Day 4

Hunter's P.O.V


Sasha shook me awake, a hint of annoyance in her face. Imogen had fallen asleep on my chest and my arms were wrapped around her. I gently woke Imogen up and saw my shirt had a wet patch in the middle. She had been crying through the night, understandable. Her best friend had died. 
"Sorry," she said staring at the wet patch. I shook my head. 
"It doesn't matter I understand," I said playing with her hair. Sasha had already gathered berries and nuts. She was eating them silently. I knew she didn't like Imogen and didn't want anything to do with her. She only saved Imogen for my sake and I was grateful. 
"So who's left?" I ask trying to start a conversation. 
"Us three, Jagger from 2, a girl from 3, a boy from 5 and a boy from 7" Imogen said.  Sasha and I stared at her shocked. 
"I've been counting," she mumbled sadly. We sat on silence and I raked my brain for something to talk about. I thought of home and instantly felt sick. I missed my family so much. I thought of my little sister Gemma and when she visited me before I left. She was shaking so much and just kept telling me I had to win. I felt a silent tear roll down my face and Imogen kissed my cheek. 
"It's alright," she whispered. And we sat there, together, holding each other in silence. 


Imogen's P.O.V


We hadn't heard a canon yet and it was past lunch time. Maybe nobody would die today. Sasha glared at me the whole time and I couldn't help but feel guilty. I knew she really liked Hunter and he didn't even acknowledge her. If she wasn't allies with Hunter she would've killed me by the stream. I shuddered at the thought of the stream. Holding Luke while he slowly faded away. Every time I closed by eyes I saw his eyes, cold, lifeless, grey.
Hunter had fallen asleep, leaving Sasha and I in silence. 
"Are you cold?" she asked. I nodded while she began lighting a fire. 
"What's District 1 like?" Sasha asked. I was glad she was finally trying to make conversation.
"It's good, quite pretty. Most districts see us as stuck up but we're really not," I explained. 
"I heard it was the rich district," she said smirking. 
"Well I guess we sort of are the Capitol's favourite but that doesn't mean we're overly rich," I explained. 
"How's District 4?" I asked changing the subject. She smiled with a longing look in her eyes. 
"It's beautiful. We're right by the water and I would go swimming everyday," she said. 
"I wish I could visit District 4, sounds great." I said. Sasha laughing nodding her head. 


We woke Hunter up, it was his job to hunt for dinner. Soon he was back with a bird pierced on his trident. We gave it to Sasha wiping away the blood. He sat down and kissed me. Making Sasha flinch. 

Sasha's P.O.V


I saw the way they looked at each other. I just wanted to slit her throat with my trident. I had known Hunter longer why didn't he like me?! We ate the bird in silence, it was crispy but other than that tasteless. Hunter and Imogen kept looking each other and smiling. When Imogen and I had talked earlier she seemed pretty nice. Though now I just wanted to puke. I didn't even no why I was so jealous! 
"I am going to sleep early tonight," I said turning away. I walked to the other side of the tree and fell asleep. Away from Hunter, away from Imogen, away from there irritating love.  

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