The 64th Annual Hunger Games.

In Panem there's a game. It's not a pleasant game, it's just sick.
Children are chosen to fight to the death. Killing each other for the prize to be a victor.
Becoming a victor means you are bathed in riches and are made famous throughout all of Panem. I come from District 1 and were one of the richest districts. We're also trained in the art of survival, I am actually quite skilled with knives.
In my district it's supposed to be an honour to compete in the games but in reality I am completely terrified to ever have to enter the arena.
My father once won the games and he has set a bunch of rules for me if I ever of them is to not fall for any of the other tributes.

And that's exactly why I am screwed.


10. Day 1

I woke up and saw Jagger sitting on a log. He was throwing and catching a knife in his hand. Staring off into the clouds, a look of longing in his eyes. I coughed and he fell of the log in surprise. 
"Have you been up all night?" I asked shocked. He shook his, but I knew he was lying. There were black bags under his eyes. 
"I had to keep everyone safe, Carta has made a lot of enemies these past days," Jagger explained. "I don't want the others in danger of something she did." He spat on the ground next to where she was sleeping. I had a feeling Jagger was holding a grudge against Carta. 
"Why don't you like her?" I asked quietly. He shrugged. 
"Because in District 2 she was horrible. In school she bossed everyone around and teased me because I can't read well. Then when we both became tributes she sucked up to me, so I wouldn't beat her to death," Jagger explained. I sat listening to his story and realised how horrible Carta was. 
"We should just kill her now while she's sleeping and all run away," I said mischievously. Jagger laughed shaking his head. Carta woke up and immediately started bossing everyone around. I rolled my eyes but did as she said, re-lighting the fire. 


Soon Luke was awake and Jagger had gone to kill something for us to eat. We sat around doing nothing. There was nothing to talk about. We all knew that sooner or later we would have to kill each other, that being allies was never going to last. A canon went off making me jump slightly. Luke looked a little worried and I understood why. That could've been Jagger. Suddenly we heard someone running through the trees. Carta nodded at me and I got my knives ready. Jagger crashed through the trees into our clearing, he was panting and had blood stained hands. There were two rabbits hanging from his belt. 
"Who was the canon for?" Carta demanded.
"A girl from 10. She was trying to get the rabbit and I thought why not kill her, she's going to have to die anyway," he said casually. Like killing someone was a normal thing to do. I felt a bit uncomfortable sitting next to him, his words had tied a knot in my stomach. 


After we ate, Jagger decided to sleep since he hadn't that night. I was getting extremely bored with nothing to do. I wanted to explore the arena. I got up and began packing a bag, water bottle, food, first aid. I hung my knives on my belt in case someone attacked me. 
"I am going to look around for water," I told Carta and Luke. 
"Someone better go with you. I can," Luke said worriedly. 
"No you take care of camp, I'll go with Imogen," Carta said coldly. A shiver went up my spine and walked away from the clearing. We were in the middle of the forest and there were trees everywhere. I walked for a while then stopped at a berry bush, waiting for Carta. I picked some and making sure they were edible I ate them. They were very juicy and in the right season. I couldn't see or find Carta anyway so I decided to continue. I didn't want her company anyway. I walked around twenty meters more till I heard running water. I ran towards it and found the trees parted, revealing a stream. The water was clear and fresh. I stuck my feet in and they tingled at the coldness. I filled up the empty water bottles and sat at the bank for a little bit, eating the berries. I decided to start heading back when someone jumped on my back. 


I shouted out as the person flipped me around. So that they were pinning my arms and sitting on top of me. I couldn't move or reach my weapons. I squinted at the face. A menacing grin plastered on the girls face. It was Carta and she was holding a knife in her hand. 
"Your too dangerous to be kept alive," she sneered. I grunted and tried to heave her off me. But she was much heavier than I expected. 
"Theres only one victor and it's going to be me!" she drew the knife closer and closer to my face. The sharp blade pierced my skin and blood trickled down my cheek. I screamed in pain as my face began to throb. Suddenly adrenaline kicked in and I felt a knew strength with in me, anger. I pushed her off me forcefully. She fell to the ground whimpering, I sat on top of her disgusted. 
"I will let this slide but don't ever try to hurt me again," I said. I slapped her cheek and it automatically turned red. I jumped off her and ran back into the forest. I didn't feel safe with the careers, especially not Carta. I needed to get away from them as soon as possible. Another canon was fired, I wondered if it was Carta who had killed someone in her frustration. I rushed back into the camp and collapsed onto my sleeping bag. Luke and Jagger gave me confused looks. I realised my cheek was still bleeding. 
"I fell on the rocks and cut my face, no biggie," I lied. Suddenly Carta came into the clearing. I scowl on her face. She looked angry and terrified to have been beaten. 


That night I knew I wasn't going to sleep much. How could I when I knew Carta wanted me dead! I slept as far away from her as possible with out looking scared. I don't think Jagger is going to sleep again tonight, he's going to stay guard. If I got to bored I could always talk to him. Soon the Capitol logo was in the air and the faces of the dead tributes appeared. A boy from 8 and a girl from 10. Only two though for someone out there that was an extreme loss. 


Now there are only 11 left. 

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