Triplet Love

It's about triplets run into The Styles Triplets(Harry:Cupcake, Edward: Dark One, Marcel: Nerdy) at the airport coming from America! Which is just like the Rose triplets.


1. Characters!

-The Styles Triplets: (Left To Right: Edaward: Dark One, Harry:Cupcake, and Marcel: Nerdy)

Harry.... had convinced us to mach. He's the nice, sweet, fun and weird one.

Marcel... yes, I'm the nerdy one. I mean really nerdy. I don't like what I'm wearing I usually wear a sweater vest.

Edward... Is the dark one hurt any of his brothers it's the end. They were popular and currently single. ;)

-The Rose Triplets:(Left To right: Lily, Emma, and Crystal)

Lily is the smallest one, we like to mach.  She is the nice, sweet, fun and weird one.

Emma is the nerdy one but she doesn't wear nerdy.

Crystal is the dark one she is always doing the thing were not supposed to do. She does the complete OPPOSITE!

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