Morgan was the most miserable teenager you might ever meet! Her mom was killed by her father who abused and sometimes rape her. And that's just at home! At school would get picked on by the jocks,cheerleaders and worst of all: Louis! He has made fun of her all the time! But what happens when louis comes over to Morgan's house? Does she tell louis everything? Or will louis make her life more miserable then it is?


1. Why me?

"I miss you mom" I said as I hugged her tight. "I miss you to sweetie!"  My mom said "But rember sweetie I'm never to far away!" I started to cry on her shirt. But then she pulled away and flew off. "Mum?" I asked "goodbye sweetie." My mom said flying off "NO!" She kept going "Mummy?" She was gone and my dad showed up. His evil laugh…his dark eyes. Then I felt a kick on my stomach. I hit the floor and moaned in pain. "GET UP U LAZY ASS!" I heard my dad yell. He slammed the door I got up and said "My alarm clock…" I got what I all ways where: skinny jeans a normal tee shirt and a jacket to cover the scars. I walked down stairs and saw my dad was gone probably to the bar already. I made cereal and by the time I finished I was going to be late. I walked out the door to go walk to school while I was walking I started to watch Cinderella. I left of where she can't go to the ball and her fairy godmother comes up and 'saves' her life. "If only this was real" I whispered to myself. I got to the school grounds and I heard: "Ew gross stay away from her u might become emo number 2!" "Freak!" People stared to push me my phone fell out of my my pocket I quickly tryed to pick it up but someone picked up right away. I looked up and saw louis. He unlocked it and started laughing he locked it and gave it back to me. So u like Cinderella? He asked "so u like being a idiot I whispered he grabbed my arm tightly (also some of my scares) I hurt so bad I yelped. "What did u just tell me he asked. I looked at my wrist and I saw some blood on my wirst. I tryed to yank it back but he to stong "ANSWER ME!" He said "I SAID YOU AN IDOIT!" I yelled I felt him slap on my cheek. I yelped again he walked off this his friends leavening me in the dirt. Leavening kids to laughing at me. I felt tears fall from my face. I got up and started to run past louis and his gang pushing them back. I ran kept running untill I got to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and CRYED my eyesg out. I took out a blade… I rolled up my arm sleeve looking for an open spot. I found one and I started. I felt relief fall out of me. I heard footsteps. I put my knees to my chest and I picket up my backpack "so has louis asked u out yet?"  I herd "no but it's in the works! Besides I have him tied around my finger!" Then I heard the door close I put my feet down with my backpack. I opens the door slowly and no one was there. I walked out and no one was in the hall I looked at the clock and class stared 15 MINUTES AGO!! "OH CRAP!" I yelled I ran to class I opens the door all eyes where on me. "Thank you for joining us Ms.Sanchez." My techer Mrs.Gibe said I felt mt checks go red. I took my seat and worte things down. My wrist was stared to hurt I dropped my pencil and I rolled up my sleeve and some of my cuts where bleeding. I knew something bad whould happen if I dident go to the office. "Umm…can I go to the…office?" I asked "don't you think you missed enough of class" Mrs.Gibe asked "we'll yes but I re-" I was cut off by her "Zip!" She said zipping her lips. "But I realy-" "ZIP!!" She said louder I gave up! Ilooked at my wirst and I saw blood on my jacket. I was starting to get dizzy and then the bell rang. I ran out the door to the bathroom and got an small first aid kit in there. I quickly fixed up but I heard footsteps again. I put my knees put to my chest. "Did you see Emily in math today?"

this sounded like a boy…"ya…she looked ok I gess…" OH MY GOD! IM IN THE BOYS BATHROOM! I I dident even look at the sign! I slapped myslef in my head but they kept talking "Louis(uh-oh…) are you ok?" "Ya I just can't stop thinking about Morgan.(it's ether Morgan orMegan.) I feel so bad about it" he said I felt my cheeks burn up. "Why me?" I whispered "did you here something?" Louis asked "ya. But it's probably nothing." Louis said and he was right…I was nothing.

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