The Monster



1. The Monster


Pitch black, no sound.

I’m standing on a shaky ground.

Where am I and what have I done?

I’ve lost my voice, my body’s numb.

Suddenly, I hear an evil laugh.

“Who is there?” I ask.

Again a laugh, but the voice seems known.

“Who is there?” I shout, feeling hopelessly alone.

“It’s me!” The voice snickered.

In the distance, a light flickered.

“Who are you?” I screamed.

The voice said, “I’m the monster within.”

‘The monster within?’ I wondered.

Soon, all my doubts were answered.

The voice, now shaky, said-

“I am the monster within.

I dwell inside you, I’m living.

I am your darkest part,

I am the cruelest, with no heart.

Your dark secrets hide in me.

I am your other conscience, you see?”

My heart paced,

While my mind raced.

I realize now, the inevitable.

My breathe shakes, my voice trembles.

I am the monster in me,

My darkest secret now revealed.


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