My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


6. Why Me??

The next morning was oddly very hot. So I went downstairs to investigate. 

Once I got down downstairs I saw my mom packing her stuff.

Rose: Mom what are you doing?! 

Elise: Rose I told I was gonna be gone part of the Summer.

Rose: This early?!

Elise: Rose sit down. I need to tell you something.

I didn't know what to expect. She could be getting married and decided to leave Chelsie and I. Or she could just be leaving... So I sat down.

Rose: Mom what is it?

Elise: Um well.. I already told Chelsie this and she's not taking it so well but.. Um I was at the doctors the other day and they found a rare type of.. Cancer.

I began to cry.

Rose: Ca-Cancer??

Elise: Yeah. But I'm fine! I'll just be going to a little retreat but once I come back I'll be okay!

Rose: No your not mom. You'll never be the same..

Elise: Rosey I'm not broken..

Rose: Mom.. I don't wanna lose you.

Elise: Why do you and Chelsie say that?! Im okay!

Rose: No your not! You have cancer!

Elise: That doesn't mean I'm gonna die.

I couldn't stand another minute of this. But I really wanted to see how Chelsie felt. So I went to her room.

Rose: Hey Chelsie! What's up?

Chelsie: Did mom tell you?

Rose: Um.. Well.. She did. But it's our job to not worry about it and be happy. That's the best we can do for her.

Chelsie: Yeah. I guess so.

Rose: Um.. Well.. You know Justin Bieber right?

Chelsie: Yeah what about him?

Rose: Well mom's friends with his mom and he's gonna stay with us this Summer.

Chelsie: Really?!

Rose: Yeah. But you can't tell anybody.

She got up and gave me a hug.

Chelsie: I promise.

And after that sisterly moment I left the room. Bieber better be coming. And soon. So later on in the day it was time for my mom leave off to the retreat. I felt bad for talking to her the way I did.   

Elise: Girls! I have to go now!!  

Chelsie and I ran downstairs to say our goodbyes. Chelsie gave her the first hug.  

Chelsie: Bye mom. I'm gonna miss you.

Elise: You too hun. I'll be back in no time.

And then it was my turn. I really didn't wanna touch her. She seemed broken. And I could feel the tears coming back. And so I just waved.

Rose: See ya later mom.

Elise: Yeah.. See ya later. Bye girls I love you.

Rose: We love you too.

And then she left. I don't know what to think. Chelsie came over and hugged me.

Chelsie: She'll be okay right?

Rose: Yeah she's fine. Hey how about you go and get dressed and then we can go out for dinner.

Chelsie: Um.. Yeah! That sounds fun.

So Chelsie went upstairs to get ready. And so I decided to ask Joey and Grace to join. So I texted them.


Rose: Hey r u guys busy?

Joey: Nope.

Grace: Kinda why?

Rose: I was wondering if you guys wanted to come out to dinner with Chelsie an I.

Grace: I'm sorry. I can't I'm kinda busy with homework.

Rose: That's okay. Joey?

Joey: No problem. Let's meet up.

Rose: K see u soon. Bye!

Grace: Byee.

Joey: Bye.)   

So an hour later we met up at Applebee's. It seemed very crowded but it wasn't that bad. We ate dinner and then sat there.

Chelsie: I have a question for you two.

Joey: Shoot.

Chelsie: Are you guys dating or something? Cause like you're always together and I'm starting to think that..

Rose: No! We're just close friends. That's all.

Joey: Yeah..

Chelsie: I'm starting to think that you're leading Joey on. Like seriously? No person is friends with someone for so long without having some type of relationship.

Rose: And where did you hear that from?!

Chelsie: Everyone at schools says so. And I'm no fool. You're the only dumb one here.

Rose: Chelsie! 

Joey: Um.. In my defense that's not ALWAYS true Chels.

Rose: I don't care! You're grounded!

Chelsie: What? But it's not even Summer yet!

Rose: I don't care! Go sit in the car. I'll be out soon.

Chelsie then left outside. Then two minutes the waitress came for the check. Then me and Joey went outside.  

Rose: I'm really sorry Joey. I wasn't expecting Chelsie to say that.

Joey: It's fine. But.. Uh.. Rose?

Rose: Huh?

Joey: What kind of relationship do we have?

Rose: Just a simple guy and girl friendship. Right?

Joey: Yeah.. Uh.. Rose?


And then he suddenly pulled me in for a kiss. I can't believe it. My best friend kissed me.

Rose: Uh Joey.. I have to go now.

So then I realized I had to have him drive me home. So then I just ran and ran. I didn't where I ended up. I have too many problems and I don't wanna think about them. First I have to spend the summer with someone I dislike. Second my mother's battling cancer and third my best friend kissed me. To much to think about. I'm done.

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