My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


9. Was This The End For Me??

Justin's POV

"Dammit Bieber!" Rose then chased me around the whole backyard. Grace sat there laughing. I turned around and pulled her in for a big hug. "Get off me bitch!" She screamed. "If I don't?" I asked. "I'll break your baby maker!" She demanded. "You wouldn't."

Rose's POV

Oh I did. I kicked him in his penis. I told him not to touch me. He rolled on the ground in agony. "Rose!" Grace yelled. "What? I warned him didn't I?" I said. I took Grace's hand and we went inside to the living room. After awhile Justin came in and sat down with us. "Why wouldn't you stay away?!" I yelled. He smirked. "Because I love you." I gave him the middle finger. My phone began to light up. I got a text.

(Heey Rose it's Natalie. I know we don't get along but I'm having this party tonight and your invited. I really wanna be your friend.) I couldn't believe this fake shit head! Or... Was she serious?? I really wish I knew. But the only way to find out was to go to the party. "Who texted you?" Grace asked. "Natalie invited me to her party tonight.." I answered. Grace took my phone and read the text. "I know she's been a bitch but you should go! What if she DOES wanna be your friend?" Grace said. I shrugged my shoulders. "Wait I don't think you should go if you don't like her.." Justin said. I rolled my eyes. "Justin.. Stay the hell out of my business! Why can't you just shut the fuck up?!" He came over to me with a interesting look. He then leaned over putting his chest against mine. His warm breath tickling my neck. "Stop being so FUCKING mean. And try that again shall we?" Justin whispered into my ear. He stood up and looked at me waiting for an answer. "I-I..." I spat out forgetting to talk. "I'm sorry J-Justin. I just wanna go to have fun." I replied. "I wanna go! But I wasn't invited.." Grace said glumly. "Oh well do you know if Joey is going?" I asked. "No he wasn't invited either.." Grace answered. "I can go with you Rosie no problem." Justin said. "Um yes problem. You're Justin Bieber. JUSTIN BIEBER." I said. "You obviously don't see that, that excuse hasn't stopped me yet." No..No..NO. I'm not bringing Justin to a party with me. To many problems. He IS a PROBLEM. "Just.. No Justin." I said. "So you expect me to stay here and babysit YOUR sister?" Justin asked angrily. "No.. I didn't say you had to.." I said. "I'll help you Justin." Grace insisted. Justin and I both looked at her. "Really. I don't have anything better to do." Grace and Justin alone together? I don't like the thought of that. "Grace can trust you?" I asked. "Of course you can." Grace said. But then again.. Grace and Justin alone together WITH Chelsie. Chelsie can watch them both. "Okay.. Well Grace help me get dressed." I demanded. "Wait.. Now?" Grace asked. "Yeah. Come on." I took Grace's hand and we went upstairs.

Justin's POV

The girls went upstairs leaving me to my lonesome. I really wish I could go to the party. I mean Chelsie's not bad she's just- "JUSTIN BIEBER." Um... Special. "Heey Chelsie." I said. "So I hear you're babysitting me." Chelsie said. "Yeah." I responded. "Well good luck!" She then went back upstairs. I sat there. Until all of a sudden my phone began to ring. Ahh my buddy Ryan. So I answered it.

Justin: Hello?

Ryan: Heey Bieber. You still in LA?

Justin: No.

Ryan: Really where are you now?

Justin: Canada.

Ryan: Really?! Because this hot girl at my school is having this party an-

Justin: I know. I know.. I can't go.

Ryan: Why not?

Justin: Do you remember Rose Lovelace?


Justin: Well I'm staying at her house-

Ryan: Niceee.

Justin: I'm not done idiot. I'm gonna be here the whole Summer. And she said I can't go but SHE can.

All of a sudden Rose and Grace came back downstairs. "So what do you think Justin?" Rose asked. She had on a little black dress with some tights. Dat ass in that little dress made me har.. HAPPY. Really HAPPY that she found a dress she likes. Okay.. Hard..

Ryan: Go any-

Justin: Call ya later.

I hung up the phone and checked Rose out. "Damn!" I responded.

Rose's POV

Justin sat there smirking at me. "Um well so... Rose! When do you have to leave?" Grace asked. "At 7 so pretty soon." I responded. Grace and I went and sat on the couch.

Justin's POV

I signaled for Grace to go and do something so I could be alone with Rose. Because that's all I wanna do right now. "I have to go to the bathroom. So... I'll be back!" Grace said while going upstairs. Rose and I just sat there. "Hey Rose come here." I said. She just looked at me. "No! What do you want?" She asked. "I WANT you to come here." I said angrily. She growled and came over to me. She stood there. "What do you want Justin?" I pulled her onto my lap and made sure she stayed. "Justin! Get off!" She said angrily. I began to kiss her neck softly. After awhile she began to moan. I turned her around rapping her legs around my waist and we kissed and kissed. She began to run her hands through my hair as we kissed. And all of a sudden she stopped. And smacked me.. "Rosie!" I yelled. She got off of me and straightened out her dress. "I can't believe I fell for it!" She said pointing at me. I sat there chilled. "You liked it."

Rose's POV

"You liked it." I can't deny that I didn't but he's a gross disgusting pig. I can't like it. I can't like him. I hate him. I HATE him. I hate HIM. If I just remind myself that I'll be fine. "Justin your a stupid, disgusting, idiotic, fool." I then went upstairs.

I was walking to my room when I was suddenly pulled into the bathroom. "So what happened?" Grace asked. "No Grace. Nothing." I responded. "I heard moaning.." I plucked her ear. "We had a make out session okay? But I hated it. And I hate him." I said. "You kissed him?!?!" Grace screamed. I shhed her. "Look I'm gonna go to the party now. So watch Chelsie.. And tell her I'll be back later on." I told Grace. "Good luck and be careful." She gave me thumbs up and then I went downstairs.

I can't believe I'm doing this.. "Justin could you drive me to the party?" I asked. His eyes lit up. "Ofcourse Rosie!"

Justin's POV

We went outside and got in my car. It was starting to get dark out. I started the car and we left. I reached over and put my hand on her thigh. Sadly she smacked it off. "Uhh so Rose how long do you plan on staying at the party?" I asked. She looked at me frustrated. "A few hours just to stay away from you." Ouch. That really hurt. It took about an hour or so but we finally got to this PARTY. I parked the car on the curb and we sat there. "I'll walk you in." I insisted. "No please DON'T." She got out of the car. And so I followed her. "Justin shoo." She said while walking up the stairs to the house. I keep walking though. We walked into the house and there were lots of people, hot girls, guys and alcohol. I guess I'm staying. And then I spotted two familiar faces. So I ran over to them. "Justin come back." Rose said annoyed following behind me. "Heey Justin!" Chaz and Ryan said. After awhile Rose caught up. "Justin come on it's time for you to go." She said. "But.. It's Chaz and Ryan!!" I said happily. "Justin leave now." She said again. "But.. It's Chaz and Ryan!!" I said again. She then pulled me over to a corner and she held onto my shirt tight. "Justin I said it's time for you to go. SO leave!" To irritate her I tried kiss her. And it worked. "Wow Rose I never knew you had a boyfriend." Natalie? "Haha hi Natalie.." Rose said. Yep. Natalie. "So Justin, you stayin?" Natalie asked. I looked at Rose and she looked mad. "Umm no. Maybe next time." I left Rose and went over to Ryan and Chaz. "Okay what I need you guys to do is watch Rose and make sure she doesn't flirt with guys." Ryan checked her out. "That'll be easy." I shook my head and looked at Chaz. He shook his head 'yes'. I said "Thanks" then left.

Rose's POV

I stood there confused. "So.. Um Natalie. About that text-" She then cut me off. "Don't let it go to your head. Enjoy the party while you still can." Then she and her friends walked away. What's that supposed to mean? All of a sudden there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Ryan and Chaz. "What do you want?" I said. "For one may I say you look sexy tonight?" Ryan asked. "No." I said deeply. "Well you're gonna hang out with us tonight." Chaz insisted. "I don't wanna." We stood there exchanging glances… "To bad." Ryan took my hand and I was litterly forced to follow them. They took me to the dining room. It was completely EMPTY. Ryan made me sit down at the table. "Okay so what you're gonna do is sit here until the party's over." Ryan said. "Yeah, and if you need us.. We'll be elsewhere." Chaz said. "Ok?" They both said. I nodded. Then they left me.

Justin's POV

I got back and Grace and Chelsie were watching a movie. I came in and sat down with them. "JUSTIN BIEBER IN DA HOUSE!!" Chelsie said. "You weren't acting like this before. Calm down happy ass." Grace told her. I began laughing. "So.. You and Rose!!" Grace said happily. I shrugged my shoulders. "I turn her on, she turns me on. We kissed a few times, but.. She rejects the feeling." I sadly said. Chelsie patted my back and said "Don't worry little kitty, I'm single." Grace pulled her away and said "You have a serious case of ADHD." Grace then looked at me and said "So?" I looked down. "I don't know. I loved the times we had together when we were little kids.. And I wanna ask her to be my girlfriend but I'm scared that with all the negativity.. She'll just reject me." Grace looked at me seriously. "Justin just show her you care. Give her reasons to trust you. Maybe if you guys actually got to know each other more it should help." Grace said. I smiled at her then said 'Thank you'.

Rose's POV

*3 Hours Later*

It's been 3 whole hours now and I haven't seen Ryan and Chaz since. I'm ready to leave. I got up and went to find them. I walked through lots of people. I found them sitting on the couch making out with these girls. I went over to them. "Ryan?" He barely payed attention to me. "RYAN BUTLER?!" I yelled. He stopped kissing the girl and looked at me. "Wha?" He asked. "I think I'm going to leave now." I said. "No wait! Justin said we have to watch you. Go sit down and be a good girl." Chaz said shooing me away. I walked away and went into the dining room. I mumbled as I walked in. "Damn Justin. Telling people to watch me.." In the dining room was Natalie and 4 of her friends. "I'm sorry. I'll go." I insisted. "No, no! Stay. We're just talking." Natalie said. I smiled and sat down. They were talking about something. One of Natalie's friends came over to me. "Hey I'm Sawyer." He said. "I'm Rose.." I said quietly. "Oh cool. So where's your boyfriend?" Sawyer asked. What do I say?! Uh... "I-I don't have a boyfriend.." I responded. "Oh.. Well hey do you wanna see something?" He asked. "O-Okay." I said. He took my hand and lead me through the people and up the stairs. We stopped at this door. "Lady's first." Sawyer said. I walked into this bedroom. It had lots of pretty neon colors. "It's beautiful." I said. "Just like you." Sawyer said. He then started to kiss me. I pushed him away. "No. Please stop." I said. "You don't have a boyfriend." He pushed me onto the bed. "We could have some fun." I sat there scared and worried. He began to kiss me over and over again. "Stop! Sawyer stop!" I screamed. He started taking off my clothes. "STOP!!" I yelled. He grabbed my neck as hard as possible. "SHUT THE HELL UP." He said. He pulled his pants down and put his penis in me. Putting it in and out as hard as he could. I began to cry thinking this torture would never end. This is it. The end of me. All I remember is blacking out.

Justin's POV

It's been hours and Rose isn't back yet. I'm really worried about her. So I just called Ryan. And he picked up. "Hello?" I said. "Heey Justin!" Ryan said. "Where are you? Where is Rose? Is she okay?" I asked. "Whow this isn't 20 questions and I don't know. I think she went upstairs with some guy." Ryan said. "Ryan what did I exactly say?!" I yelled. "Look I'm sorry Justin. It's just-" "Ryan get off the phone and kiss me!" Was that a girl? "Ohh Justin I gotta go." Then he hung up. I really need to find out where Rose is. And fast.

Rose's POV

I woke up and everything seemed blurry. There were lots of flashes. And once I was able to see I realized I was naked. And Natalie and her friends were standing there taking pictures of me. "That's one for Instagram." One of the girls said. I tried my best to move and get up. But I was hurting badly. "St-Stop.." I tried saying. Natalie starting laughing. "Just let her die." Two of Natalie's friends came over to me and kicked me in the ribs. I sat there helplessly taking the pain while not being able to move. After awhile they left. Was this the end of me?

Ryan's POV

Once the party was over Chaz and I began looking for Rose. Had she actually left? We went into the dining room and she wasn't in there. "Where is she?" I asked. "I don't know bro. Maybe she went upstairs to sleep or something.." Chaz said confused. "Idiot.." I whispered as we walked upstairs. Once we got up there I saw a trail of blood leading to a bedroom. "I'm not going in there." Chaz said. I smacked his arm. "I'm not trya die bro!" Chaz said. I shhed him. And then we quieted walked towards the door and opened it. There Rose laid on the floor bloody and naked. I ran over to her. "Hey. Hey Rose! Wake up! I shook her. She wasn't breathing. Chaz paced around then said "What do we do?!" I looked up at him and said "Call Justin!"

Justin's POV

The girls had feel asleep after the movie went off. So I decided to clean up the house. I washed the dishes, made the beds. And then my phone began to ring. Chaz. So I answered it. "Hello-" Chaz cut me off. "Justin come quickly! I think Rose is dead!" That's all I needed to here. I hung up the phone, grabbed my keys and left.

(A/N: Continuation:
 Justin's POV

It took me thirty minutes but I finally got there. I ran threw the house looking everywhere. I cupped my hands up to my mouth and yelled "Ryan where are you?!" I kept walking around for awhile.

"Up here!!" He yelled from upstairs. I ran up. I saw a trail of blood then followed it. Once I saw Rose I began to cry. "Ro-Rose?" I ran over to her and held her hands.

"Rose. Rosie please wake up! Don't do this! It's alright!" I said. Ryan and Chaz sat across from her on the floor. "Justin we did all we can. It's too late.." Ryan said. I looked at them with teary eyes. "No. No! I'm not giving up on her."

I looked back at her. I put my head to her chest. She's breathing. But not fast enough. I stood up. Then picked her up bridal style. "Justin what are you doing?!" Chaz asked.

I took a blanket from off the bed and rapped it around Rose. I quickly walked downstairs. "I'm taking her to the hospital. I'm not gonna let her die."

I went outside and opened the door to the backseat. I carefully put Rose in. I closed the door and quickly got into the drivers seat. And I drove and drove. "Stay with me Lillian." I just hope she's okay.)

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