My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


3. Problems Already

About an hour or so Joey FINALLY came to the house. Before I left I had to lay down some rules.

Rose: "Okay Chels. I'm leaving for school now. No sex, no drugs, no alcohol."

Chelsie: "No promises.."
Once Chelsie said that Joey began to laugh. "Chelsie I'm serious. Do you see where it got mom? Two kids.." I said. Chelsie: "Okay, okay. Leave! Your missing your classes." And so after that Joey and I left.

Joey had the type of car that everyone would DIE for. A Honda Accord. He always kept his car the cleanest he could.

Joey: "So when do you plan on getting your own car?"

Rose: "When I turn 32."

Joey: "You better be glad I ENJOY driving you around." I looked outside at the beautiful scenery. And then I hit me... "We're at school now get out." I did as Joey said. I hated this stupid hell hole. But I'm also glad we have three more weeks until Summer Break. The people in this school were IDIOTS though!

Rose: "Joey what time is it?"

Joey: "About 10:25." Forth period. Free class hour as I call it. The hour were we take a break and do what we WANT. So Joey and I went and sat in the school greenhouse. There were some people in there but we hoped they didn't mind.

"So what class do you have after this?" I said getting my phone out of my bag.

Joey: "Espanol."

Rose: "Wait that's Spanish right?"

Joey: "Yes, ma chérie."

Rose: "Don't go there. In plus you idiot.. That's French.." Joey's face got red instantly. I laughed at him.

Rose: "Were did you get that from anyway??"

Joey: "You know? Justin Bieber's take you?" I looked down.

Rose: "I'm sorry but I don't know what you're talking about..."

Joey: "Are you okay?" Then suddenly the bell rang. "Come on! Time for spanish!" I pulled Joey out of the greenhouse. "But.. You don't take spanish.." He stopped me.

Rose: "Yeah.. But... It's not to late to learn right?!"

Joey: "Race ya there!" There we were two idiots racing down the hall to Spanish class. People were looking at like we were crazy. Which as we were... Once we got to the door we stopped there and looked at eachother.

Joey: "I'll see you after class. Now go before you get in trouble." Joey left into the class room. Then the last bell rang. I had realized my next class was on the THIRD floor. I really didn't care whether I made it there on time or not. So I took the elevator. But then I was stopped bye a damn teacher.. "What are you doing?!" I turned around slowly. "I'm going to class. That is what I'm supposed to do right?" The old bastard looked mad. "Before you go there I have to write you something. It's called a detention slip. Heard of it before?" She came over and handed me the paper. "Now what I NEED you to do is walk ALL the way up to class. And have a good day." I turned to start my great adventure up the stairs. I got so tired after the 10th step. I can't believe that old bitch made me do this.

Then I finally got there. Journalism. My favorite yet least favorite class. As I walked through the door all eyes were on me. The teacher was currently writing on the chalk board. Therefore she payed no attention to me. "Mrs.Joseph Rose is late again!" Natalie. The bitch of all bitches. In plus her posse. They always have to do and say stuff to make people hate life in general.

Mrs.Joseph: "Ah yes I see.. Rose do you have a late slip?"

Rose: "Does a detention slip count?"

Mrs.Joesph: "Very funny. I'll see you after class." Everyone began to laugh. I went to take a seat straight in the back. I'm glad I shared this class with Grace. The teacher began to instruct our next project. "Grace!" I whispered. Grace: "What?"

Rose: "What are we doing?"

Grace: "Summer writing.. Need help?"

Rose: "LOTS." So after Mrs.Joseph instructed rules, we broke off into groups. Grace and I went and sat in the hallway.

Grace: "So why are we late today?"

Rose: "I worked late last night at the library, after that I went out and got food. By time I got home it was going on twelve."

Grace: "What happened to waiting to work for the Summer?"

Rose: "Grace my mom needed my help and I couldn't wait any longer!"

Grace: "Right I'm sorry. I forgot.." I yawned and them decided to lay down and take a nap.

Grace: "Rosey??"

Rose: "Whaa?"

Grace: "Are you forgetting we're still in school?"

Rose: "No.."

Grace:"Come on the faster we work the quicker we get done."

Rose: "Fine.." I sat up and began writing. "Rose.. I'm sure the teacher wouldn't want a paper that says 'Fuck this shit.'" I looked up and smiled. "What the hell are you smiling at?" The bitch has entered the hall. "Now isn't the time Natalie.." She looked down at me. "It's always the time." She pulled my beanie off my head and poured coffee into it. Then she put it back on my head. Then her and her POSSE walked away. As she walked away I crawled over to her. "Rose what are you doing?!" Grace whispered. Once I reached Natalie I pulled her high heel back. And there she went falling to her face. Grace began laughing. But nobody else was laughing. Cause then I realized the principal was coming straight down the hall. "Rose! Office NOW!!"


A/n: I'm sorry for all the (Joey: Rose:) It's just that it seemed confusing with all the back and forth convos. So it will be better next time. See ya!!

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