My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


33. One Sign

*The Next Day*

Lillian's POV

I stayed awake all night scared and worried. Justin hasn't even had the audacity to call me. Ashley never came back. I just want everything to be okay. What person just decides that they wanna kidnap a baby? The best thing to do is call the police. I picked my phone up off the table and dialed 911.

"911 what's your emergency?" The operator asked.

"Um yes! I would like to report a missing baby." I responded.

"How long has the baby been missing?" The lady asked.

"A day now." I said.

"Can I have yours and the baby's name?" She asked.

"My name is Lillian Rose Lovelace. And my baby's name is Ariana Elise Bieber." I said.

"I'll get right on this and give you a call back okay?" She said.

"Yes thank you." I responded.

I hung up the phone and sat there. What now?


Hours had went by and nothing had happened. Nothing until the door opened. It was Justin. I instantly felt tears. I ran over and gave him a hug. He hugged me back.

"Justin! I'm so so sorry I forgot about your birthday I really am! But we have bigger problems right now." I said looking at up him.

"Okay what's wrong?" He asked wiping away my tears.

"Ashley and I were hanging out yesterday and all of a sudden I heard a noise coming from outside so Ashley went to go check it out. Ariana was asleep at the time so, I decided to go make her some bottles. I heard glass shatter and um.." More tears began to fall. "When I walked into the living room.. The window was broken and.. Ariana was gone.." I recited. Justin looked down at me.

"You lost my baby??" He asked angrily.

"Correction.. OUR baby.." I said still hugging him. He pulled my arms off of his body and looked at me.

Justin's POV

"Did you call the police?" I asked her. She nodded. "The lady said that she'll see what she can do and she'll give me a call back." She said. She came closer and slowly hugged my torso again. I slowly pulled her arms away again. "Well I have something to tell you.. I had sex with Selena.." I told her. She looked very mad. She raised her hand to smack me but I stopped her. "You are NOT gonna keep on hitting me." I said.

"I don't need this shit right now Justin!" She yelled in my face. I slowly nodded understanding where she was coming from. "I just thought that if we were gonna be truthful with each other you should know.." I told her. She sighed and began walking away. I followed her. "Lillian stop!" I demanded. She turned around and said "So you think it's normal for you to come here and tell me 'oh I went and fucked my ex but it's TOTALLY okay' right?!" I quickly shook my head 'no'.

She started crying.

"I lost my friend and my baby and to make things better you add on to the stress! Thanks alot for the help and support Justin!" She told me. "I'm sorry. I-" She cut me off. "Sorry doesn't cut it ass wipe.." She said walking upstairs.

Lillian's POV

I walked into Ariana's room and sat in the rocking chair. God.. Is this a punishment for everything I've did? I'm so sorry. I just need to know if Ari's okay. Just one sign. Please? I prayed to God hoping for a simple answer.

I heard a strange sound coming from the closet so I began to walk towards it slowly. I heard crying.. Little weeping noises. "Ariana?" I quickly opened the closet door and pushed clothes to the slid and once I was done I flipped the light switch on. I looked down and saw Ashley covered in blood with Ariana laying next to her crying. "JUSTIN!!" I screamed.


I sat there on the porch rocking Ariana back and forth. "Ariana I'm really sorry my baby. Mommy missed you so much. I was scared out of my mind not knowing where you were. But now that I know I feel relieved." I said rubbing her tiny fingers. Justin came out and sat down in front of me. I looked up at him.

"L-Lillian.. Um... A-Ashley d-died." Justin said stuttering. I put my hand over my mouth and began to cry. "N-no.." I quietly said. Justin stood up and walked over to me. He handed me a paper. "A-another one.." He said walking back into the house. I read the letter.

'Not quite done yet. Your friend was a screaming bitch . Just letting ya know . Ariana . Ahh.. My little baby . Can't wait to see her again . Can't wait to see YOU again .' I stopped reading and realized who's handwriting this is.


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