My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


29. Not Again...

Justin's POV

I walked in the room to see Lillian sobbing. "No.. No! I don't believe you!" She yelled in the doctors face. I held her back. "Lillian stop! What's wrong?" I asked. She stopped trying and sat on the bed. "Justin.. Our baby. Ariana.. She's.. Blind." I gasped. "How did this happen?!" I asked.


"These types of disabilities are caused by many reasons. Natural causes, drug use during pregnancy. There are many reasons. Her eyes are a different color due to the fact they developed their own color. But then again.. It could be temporary." The doctor explained. He left the room which left Lillian, Ariana and I.




"No.. Just.. No Justin. It's all my fault."


"No. It could be anybody's fault. Don't blame yourself for this. You've had a very tough pregnancy. You did the best you could."


I walked over to her and gave her a hug. She softly cried. "It's okay. Ariana's okay, you're okay. We're all gonna be okay."


(Back At Justin's House)

*1 Month Later*

It's a nice bright sunny morning. Sadly I had to wake up to crying. I woke up and looked around. Lillian laid next to me partially awake. "I'll-" I cut her off. "No. I'll go get her." I said hopping out of bed.


I walked towards Ariana's nursery and opened the door. I walked over to her crib and looked at her. There laid a fussy baby. "Hey.. Don't cry.. Are you having a bad day?" I softly said. She stopped crying and turned her head in my direction.


"Is daddy's baby hungry? Let's get you some food." I said picking her up. I grabbed her blanket and headed downstairs.


Once I got downstairs I went into the fridge and looked around. No bottles. "Ari were you seriously THAT hungry?" I asked her. She just swarmed around in my arms. She began to cry. "Okay.. Okay. We can do this." I said putting her pacifier in her mouth. I held her on my shoulder so I could easily make her a bottle.


"Okay here we go." I went over to one of the cabinets and grabbed two baby bottles and put them on the counter. I grabbed the formula out of the cabinet and put 2 scoops in each bottle. I put the formula back up in the cabinet. I poured water into the bottles. I put the tops on the bottles and shook them up. After I shook them up I took Ariana off my shoulder and looked at her.


"You alright?" I asked. I kissed her forehead and put her back on my shoulder. I put one of the bottles in the fridge and picked up the other.


I looked at Ariana. "Is your milk different from mine?" I asked. I took the top off of the baby bottle and took a sip.


Lillian's POV

"Justin!" Justin spit the milk out and dropped the bottle and it spilt onto the floor. Ariana started crying. I quickly walked over and cleaned up the milk. "Justin what were you doing?" I asked. Justin patted Ariana's back rocking her on his shoulder. "Well she didn't have any bottles made and I was wondering how it tasted.." He responded. I shook my head and went over to the fridge. I opened it and slid containers to the side revealing about 11 bottles. I gave him one.



I took a shower and simply put on a t-shirt and some sweat pants. I went downstairs and saw Justin feeding Ariana. "Justin didn't she just eat?" I asked sitting down. He nodded. "She wanted more." Justin responded. I giggled. I heard the doorbell ring. I hopped up and went to get it.


I opened the door and saw Grace, Ryan, Chaz and Chelsie. I gave them a blank stare. "Lillian! I'm really, really, really sorry!" Grace pleaded. I laughed. "I'm not even mad at you bro." I told her. We hugged and then everyone came in.


Chaz had came in with a big box. "What is that?" Justin asked walking over to Chaz. "It's a baby swing for Baby Bieber. I bought it myself." Chaz said feeling Ariana's hand. "Well you're gonna put it together yourself." Justin said walking away.


Justin's POV

I helped Chaz as we put the swing together. The girls were upstairs dressing up Ariana.


It took Chaz and I awhile to put together this swing. Ryan watched. "No you dumb ass! It goes here!" Chaz said snatching a swing piece out of my hand. I growled. "I'm getting really tired of this piece of shit swing!" I said picking up the swing and throwing it across the room.


I heard Ariana crying. "Justin? What the hell are you doing?!" Lillian asked coming downstairs. I sighed pointing to the swing on the other side of the room. She laughed at me then gave me a kiss.


Grace and Chelsie came downstairs with Ari. She looked adorable. She had on a little flower dress with the number 1 on it. "What's the 1 for?" I asked receiving Ariana from Chelsie. "1 as in ONE month old. Lillian said she wanted to take pictures with her." Grace responded.


I put Ariana down on the floor and sat down with her. I took out my phone and took a picture of her. Posting it on Instagram;

Captioning: She's learning so much! .x

She began to fuss a bit.

I quickly snapped a picture;

Captioning: Someone's upset :( .x


I was about to pick her up when Ryan insisted on getting her. Her stomach must not have been that well because after Ryan picked her up, she threw up on him. Good girl.


Lillian's POV

We all laughed at Ryan as he got barfed on. When all of a sudden my phone lit up. I checked it. "She's so beautiful, see ya." I gasped. Not again.

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