My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


5. My Old Best Friend

Chapter 4: My Old Best Friend

After a nice peaceful nap I had to go to work. I work at the community library from 3pm to 9pm. It's not that much work but it is a nice pay. I went downstairs to tell my mom I have to go.    Rose: Mom I have to go to work now. Elise: I'm driving correct? Rose: Yea. If you don't mind. Elise: Go grab my keys.   I went in the living room to get the car keys and there Chelsie was on the couch sleeping. The perfect opportunity to mess with her. I came over and tapped her shoulder. Chelsie: *Mumbling* Huuh? Rose: You are now surrounded my clowns.. Hey watch out! Chelsie: AHHHHHH!!!!!! I shook her to wake her up. Rose: Chels! Chels! Wake up! She woke up and looked around. Chelsie: W-wha? Rose: *Waves* Hi! Chelsie: Leave me alone.. I laughed at her and then went to get my mom's keys. After that we were out the door.   Elise: Rose I'm gonna be gone part of the summer. Rose: Where are you going? Elise: I can't tell you yet? Rose: What do you mean you CAN'T tell me?! Elise: I just can't okay! But an old friend is coming to stay with you and Chelsie for the summer. Rose: Old friend? What are you talking about? Elise: Remember Justin? Rose: Justin? No.. WHAT JUSTIN?! Elise: Oh Rose come on! Justin just got off of tour and Pattie thought he should come and visit an old friend. Rose: Me?! Wha-What about Ryan and Chaz?! Elise: There busy.. Rose come on just be nice! Then we suddenly arrived at the library. Rose: Bye mom... I got out of the car and entered the library. Ah the fresh smell of books. I HATE reading. And then there's my boss Shellie. She is nice, but if she's mad she turns into the hulk.  Shellie: Ready for a long day? Rose: Nope.. Shellie: Well to bad. Get to work kiddo. I sighed then went over to the main desk to check in. I sat there and hours had pasted, people came and people left. Around 8pm Joey and Grace had FINALLY come! I waved them over.   Rose: Hey guys! What took you so long? Joey: Grace said she had to look PERFECT! To go to the library.  Grace: Hey you never know when you'll see a guy.  Rose: Speaking of guy can you guys keep a secret?  Joey: You finally found a boyfriend to drive you around?! Rose: No.. You're not off the hook. Grace: What is it? Rose: Okay so my mom told me my old best friend is gonna stay with me this Summer. Fyi it's a guy. But i haven't seen him since we were like 5 or something.. But our friendship is like dead now cause I like REALLY hate him.. But like I was saying he's gonna be at my house and I don't want him to be there. Joey and Grace looked VERY confused. Grace: Wait.. Who is this mystery guy anyway? Rose: Promise you won't tell? Joey: Promise. Right Grace? Grace: TELL. ME. Rose: Okay well... His name is Justin.. Justin Bieber... Grace: JUSTIN BIEBER?!?! Everyone in the room (SHHHH!!)ed her. Then Shellie came over and leaned on the desk. Shellie: What did you win concert tickets or something?? Grace: Ro- I quickly covered her mouth. Rose: Yeah! Front seats.. Shellie: Make sure brunette over here doesn't scare the boy off. Grace: (Mumbling) Now you listen to me. I will do NO such thing! Shellie: Be quiet before I kick you out. Grace pouted and then crossed her arms. Shellie: Thank you.   Shellie then walked away.   Grace: Why didn't you tell us? Rose: I didn't wanna be bugged about it. Joey: Why do you hate him so much? Rose: I just didn't like how after he moved he never called to say hi or anything. He just left me.. Grace: To follow his dreams?! You're so conceded Rose!! Rose: This is what I didn't want to hear... Joey: Grace don't act like that.. Grace: It's true! Maybe if you weren't so conceded maybe he would of stayed!! Rose: SHUT UP GRACE!! Grace: I'm sorry but it's true... Joey: Just give him a chance. And it's not like you guys will be alone. We'll be at your house too! I really didn't know what to expect being alone with Justin Bieber for the summer. I hope it's not that bad..
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