My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


16. I Need You

Justin's POV

I arrived at the club in no time. I pushed pass people trying to find Ryan and Chaz. I found them dancing with some girls. I pulled them over to a corner by their shirts. "HEY!" Ryan yelled. "Where is she?!" I asked. "She went to the bathroom with Joey.. They're probably fucking." Chaz replied. I smacked him and began looking for the bathroom. I found a door with the sign 'Restroom' on it. I slowly put my ear up to the door. I heard lots of moaning and screams. I started banging on the door. "Open up!" I said in a deep voice. Lillian opened the door halfway. Her dress barley on. "J-Justin?" Lillian said. I saw Joey at a far behind her. I pushed pass Lillian and swung at Joey. He fell to the ground instantly bleeding. "JUSTIN!" Lillian yelled. I pulled her arm and we left.


We walked in the house and Lillian pushed me. "What the fuck?" I said. She growled. "I hate you Justin! Your just a stupid, useless fuck!" I couldn't believe her. I pushed her up against the wall. She flinched. "I'm not the one that went and FUCKED another guy!" I let go of her and she slide down the wall and sat there. I started walking away. "I'm SOO glad I'm going on tour."

Lillian's POV

I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. Why am I on the couch? Where's Justin? I went upstairs to his room. He was laying on the bed on his phone. I smiled. I walked over and laid down next to him putting my arm around his waist. He moved my arm and got up. Wtf? "Um... So what are we doing today?" I asked. He walked into the bathroom. I followed him. "Are you not talking to me?" I asked. He stood there looking in the mirror fixing his hair. I shoved him. He tightly grabbed my waist and looked me in the eye. "Do you remember what happened last night?! Don't fucking talk to me!" He let go and walked away. I followed. "Justin! Please stop! I don't remember what happened!" I pleaded. He turned around facing me. "Then go ask Joey. I'm sure he'll do ya another round."


After an hour Justin left. I called Ashley to come over. She arrived in no time. "So what happened?" She asked. "Justin's pissed off at me but I don't know why." I responded. She nodded. "Did he give you any clues?" I took my phone out and called Joey. I put a finger up telling Ashley to hold on.



L:Hey Joey, I have a question..

J:And that is?

L:What happened last night?

J:We had sex... Remember?)

I quickly hung up the phone and began crying. Ashley pulled me into an embrace. "I-I cheated. Justin hates me!" I slurred. "I'm sure Justin's just confused and angry. He'll come around sooner or later." Ashley said trying to cheer me up. "Then why isn't he talking to me?" I asked. "It's probably just hard to do for him. It's always been hard for Justin to express his feelings. Just give it time." Ashley responded. She was right. I can't force Justin to talk to me. I just have to wait and hopefully he'll open up to me. "Thanks Ashley. You're a great friend." I said. She nodded smiling. All of a sudden the front door opened. Justin. I quickly wiped away the tears. He came over and sat down on the sofa across from me. "I have to go now. See ya later." Ashley said leaving.

I tried not to look at Justin, but it seemed like his eyes were plastered on my face. I looked up at him and he looked disgusted. "Lillian.. We need to talk." I nodded. "After what happened the other day.. I can tell that you have feelings for Joey. And maybe us being together wasn't a good idea. But I'm sure we could still be friends." I couldn't believe he was saying this. I couldn't hold back the tears. "No Justin please! It was a mistake! I love you!" I pleaded. I saw that it wasn't easy for him either. I saw a tear stream down his cheek. He quickly brushed it off. "I'm gonna leave off for tour soon. You can stay here if you want to." Then he went upstairs. Why do I have to be so stupid! I let something I love go. I need him. No no. Yes. NO. My thoughts are so confused.

Justin's POV

How could you cheat on someone you love? Makes no damn sense. I started packing my stuff with my suitcase on my bed. I went over and to the dresser and grabbed some clothes. I came back over to my suitcase and put the clothes in. I started to organize them. All of a sudden I felt arms wrapped around my torso. I looked down at the hands and they were bloody. I quickly turned around. I saw Lillian standing there with a slit arm, blood on her clothes. "J-Justin please.. Understand me. I'm s-sorry." Lillian pleaded. I grabbed her other hand that had blood on it and we went downstairs and out the front door. We got into my car and I drove. "Why Lillian?" I asked looking at her back at the road. She looked at her arm as blood continued to stream. "I need you Justin. Please don't leave me."

(A/n: Lillian is Rose. Just reminding.)

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