My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


30. I Forgot

Justin's POV

"J-Justin?" Lillian said. I looked up at her. "Yeah?" I asked. She sighed and walked over to me. "Can we and talk in private?" She asked. I nodded. I got off the floor and followed her into the kitchen.

"What is it?" I asked sitting on the stool. "I guess.. I got a text message from the person that sent me the letter.." She said showing me her phone. "Maybe we should take this to the sheriff's department." I suggested. She nodded. We walked back into the living room with everyone.

"Grace can you watch Ari for me for about.. A few hours?" Lillian asked.

"Sure where ya goin?"

"Justin and I have some stuff to take care of." Lillian responded. Grace nodded. I went over to Ariana and gave her a kiss. "Be a good little baby. And throw up on uncle Ryan again."


Lillian's POV

I sat there as Justin drove and drove. I thought to myself about all that's been happening. Who is this person stalking me? What do they know about Ariana? All of a sudden I was snapped out of my thoughts. "Hey? We're here. Come on." Justin said patting on my thigh. It took me awhile to realize him. I snapped my head to his direction.

"Huh? Oh yeah. Let's go." I said opening the door. But Justin stopped me. "Are you okay babe?" He asked. I quickly nodded then got out of the car. I walked to the entrance of the building and opened the door.

There were lots of police officers everywhere. I walked over to the front desk. "Hello ma'am how could I help you today?" The man asked. "Hi, I wanted to talk to someone about... A potential stalker." I responded. The guy nodded then said "Follow me." Justin and I followed the man into a small room.

"Have a seat." The man said. We did as instructed. He grabbed a notepad and pen then sat down. "I'm officer Camden so, when did you first start suspecting things?"

"Well it was when I was coming home from... I guess you can say a little vacation. And while my boyfriend Justin and I were hanging around in all, I heard this big noise of glass shattering. So I went into the living room and saw that my window was broken. And Justin found a letter." I handed officer Camden the paper. I watched as he scanned through the letter.

"Any other evidence?" He asked. "I got this text message about an hour ago that seemed like it could be from that person." I said showing him the text. He nodded and then began writing.

"Could I have your name Ma'am?" The officer asked. I nodded. "Lillian Lovelace." I responded. He nodded then kept writing. My phone started ringing. Grace.

"Hello?" I said waiting for an answer. "Lillian!" Grace yelled. I heard little coughing noises in the background. "Is everything okay?" I asked. "The baby's coughing really hard I don't know if she's chocking or what!" Grace responded. "Help her!" I yelled. "What do I do?!" She asked. I hung up the phone and looked at Justin.

"Justin we have to go. Somethings wrong with Ariana." I said. He nodded and quickly stood up. I stood up and looked at the officer. "I have to leave now. But I'll be back another time." I said then quickly rushed out of the room. Justin followed.

I got in the car and sat there. "What's going on?" Justin asked getting in the car. "I have a stupid ass friend, that's what's going on."


I walked in the house and looked around. I heard little coughs coming from the kitchen. I quickly ran in there. I saw Grace sitting on the stool rocking Ari back and forth. Ryan was in there too. I walked over and took Ari from Grace. I put her on my shoulder and began to pat her back. The coughs did sound like chokes.

"I'm really sorry Lillian. I didn't know what to do." Grace said. I rolled my eyes and went upstairs with Ariana.

Justin's POV

I went into the kitchen and looked at Grace. "What happened?" I asked sitting down on the stool. "Well we were hanging out and all the baby just started choking I guess. But I don't know why." Grace responded. I slowly nodded. Then Lillian came downstairs.

"So Grace... What happened?" Lillian calmly asked. Grace sighed. "We were just hanging out and it just.. Happened.." Grace said. Lillian began sniffing the air. She suddenly looked angry. She slowly walked up to Ryan. "Ryan.. Did you and Chaz by any chance decide to smoke pot in this house?!" Lillian yelled. Ryan quickly shook his head 'no'. Before Ryan could say something Lillian punched him in the nose, which knocked him off the stool and onto the floor. He rolled around on the floor in agony.

Lillian climbed on top of him and chocked him. "Do you know what smoking around a baby could do?! She can inhale that shit and get lung cancer you dumb cunt!" Lillian said. I ran over and grabbed her off of Ryan. I held onto to her so she won't do anything else crazy. Chelsie and Chaz came into the kitchen to see what was going on.

"How can I ever trust you guys again if you can't even keep my child safe?! I don't even know if I can call you my friends!" Lillian pushed away from me and went upstairs.

I looked at everyone in the room. "Maybe you guys should get going now..." I said nodding. I helped Ryan off the floor and gave him a tissue. "Thanks bro." Ryan said wiping the blood from his nose.

Lillian's POV

I stood there in Ariana's room looking her in the crib. My baby. My little baby. "Ari... Why is life so difficult? Am I doing something wrong?" I suddenly got interrupted.

"No. I don't think so." Justin said. I sighed. "Justin maybe just.. If I didn't have Ari.. This wouldn't have happened... None of this." I said sitting in a chair. Justin shook his head. "No you can't blame Ariana on this situation! It's mainly your fault this happened!" Justin said. I gasped. "How the hell is this MY fault?!" I asked. "It fucking is Lillian! If you weren't whoring around with Joey we wouldn't have this damn issue!" Justin yelled. I pushed him into the hallway and closed Ariana's door.

"What was that for?!" Justin asked. I hit his arm. "I'm not gonna fucking argue with you around the baby!" I responded. I grabbed onto his shirt. "And this shit has nothing to do with Joey!" I said. Justin laughed. "It does because if you didn't have sex with him the day I fucked you, we would clearly know who Ariana's father is!" Justin said. I felt hurt.. And a bit taken back. How could he say some shit like that? I smacked him as hard as I could.

"So are you denying her all of a sudden?! Huh?!" I asked him. "I'm not denying her. I'm fucking denying you." Justin said. He began walking away. But he stopped and turned around.

"Thanks for the birthday present. It means alot." Oh my god.. I forgot about Justin's birthday.

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