My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


15. Go Away Justin!


I woke up the next morning with a huge headache. What the hell happened? I looked beside me and there Justin was sleeping. I leaned in and bit his ear. "OW!" Good he's up. I looked at him confused. "What happened last night?" He smirked. "You really don't remember that?" Oh god.. Did we seriously have sex? And did I seriously not remember it? "JUSTIN!" I yelled. He started laughing. "That exactly what you said last night." I got up and went through my bag and looked for an outfit. I went and took a shower and put on this;





After I got dressed I went downstairs to the living room. Ashley, Alfredo and Justin were sitting there watching tv. I went over and sat next to Justin. "Do you usually drink that much?" Alfredo asked me. I quickly shook my head no. They started laughing. I giggled and said "Seriously you guys! I'm not much of a drinker." I said. They nodded. My phone began to light up. I looked at it. 'Where the hell are u?!' It was a text from Grace. Oh shit.. They don't know we left..


Lillian: Justin and I went out to breakfast this morning.

Grace: Fucking liar!

Lillian: I'm not lying!

Grace: You are! I checked your hotel room and you weren't there. I checked the main desk and the woman said you two checked out.

Lillian: I did okay? Justin and I are staying at his house.

Grace: Why did you lie about it?

Lillian: Because you didn't have to know.

Grace: Whatever.)

I couldn't believe how Grace was acting. I wonder if Joey's still mad at me. I guess I'll call him.


Justin's POV

Lillian stood up and walked to the back door. "Lillian were are you going?" I asked. She turned around and smiled. "I have to make a phone call. I'll be back." She said. I nodded. She went out to the back yard. I went and stood at the back door listening hoping Lillian won't see me.


Rose's POV

I stood there outside waiting for Joey to answer. "Hello?" Joey faintly said. I felt anxious. "Heey Joey! It's Lillian." I said. He sighed. "Look Joey, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to say what I said. I guess I don't realize others have feelings too." I explained. Joey giggled. "Rosie I could never stay angry at you. So.. You and Justin?" He asked. "We're good." He started laughing. "What?" I asked giggling. "You haven't seen the pictures?" My face got red. P-Pictures? "W-What are you talking about?" I asked.


Justin's POV

Oh shit. I ran out and grabbed Lillian's phone and hung it up. Lillian looked furious. "What pictures?!" She yelled. I shrugged. "What are you talking about babe?" I asked. She snatched her phone from me, held it up and said "Joey asked he if I saw the pictures, and I'm sitting here thinking about the ones we took. Remember Justin?!" What do I tell her? The truth. "I accidentally posted the nude pictures online... But I'm really sorry!" I confessed. Everything was quite for a moment. Until I felt a stinging sensation across my cheek. "Ow Lillian.." I said. "Do you not know what this could do to my reputation? I can't believe you!" She pushed past me and walked into the house. I followed her as she walked upstairs and into the bedroom. "What are you doing?" I asked her. "I'm going back to the hotel. Is that a problem for you Bieber?"


Rose's POV

He smirked at me. Okay I can do this. Don't give in. Don't do it. "Yes that'd be a problem. I'm gonna be lonely, all by myself not having anyone to kiss and cuddle with." Justin said. He walked over hugged me, kissing my neck. I slightly pushed him away. "I'm sorry for yelling at you but can you just delete the pictures?" I asked. He nodded. He pulled out his phone and showed me as he deleted them. "Come on." He said. We went downstairs and watched a movie with Alfredo and Ashley.


Chelsie's POV

I sat there on the bed bored. I wish I knew where my sister was. And I wish she and Justin weren't together. And then Grace came in the room. "Come on we're leaving." Grace demanded. I stood up and looked at her. "Where are we going?" I asked her. She sighed. "We're going back to Canada. WITHOUT Rose." I couldn't believe it. But I was tired of Rose. So I guess this is it LA. We began packing our stuff and then Joey came in. "What are two doing?" He asked. I shrugged. "We're going back to Canada with or without you." Grace responded. Joey looked mad. "You can go. I'm not leaving Rose here. Especially with Justin. And Chelsie, how are you just gonna leave your sister like that?" I suddenly felt take back. "I-I" I spat out. Grace and I had finished packing. Grace grabbed my hand and said "Let's go Chelsie." And we left.



Justin's POV

Lillian and I laid on the bed talking to each other. "I love you Justin." Lillian said looking me in my eyes. I sat there looking at her with wide eyes. I suddenly heard the doorbell ring. I winced and said "I'll be back!" I got up and ran downstairs to get the door. I wanted to say it back but I couldn't. And the first time I did, it just came out. Once I got downstairs I went over to the entrance and opened the door. "Heeey buddy!" Chaz, Ryan and Joey came in. I looked in shock. "What the fuck are guys doing here?!" I yelled. "Well... We checked out of the hotel because Chelsie and Grace decided to go back to Canada. And so we came here." Chaz explained. So they went back to Canada without telling anyone? "So they just... Went back? And that's it?" I asked. The boys nodded. I wonder how Lillian would feel about this.. "What's going on?" I guess nows the time to find out.


Rose's POV

I came downstairs and saw Ryan, Chaz and Joey. "What's going on?" I asked. All the guys looked at me. "Well... Grace and Chelsie are going back to Canada..." Justin explained. That. Bitch. I ran upstairs and went to the bedroom. I got my phone and dialed Grace's number. "Hello?" She answered. "How dare you!" I yelled. She sighed. "What are you taking about Rose?" She asked. "You know what I'm talking about! Why did you leave?! And most importantly why did you take my sister with you?!" I yelled to her. "You've completely changed Rose and it's mostly Justin's fault. We never hangout anymore. You're a indefinite bitch! Chelsie left because she's scared of you! You traumatized her that day because of what you did! Don't bother talking to me anymore." Grace said hanging up. I dropped my phone on the floor. I stood there with my jaw dropped. Then Justin came in the room. "Are you alright?" He asked. I ran over to him with tears in my eyes. He pulled me into his embrace. "It's okay. Don't cry." He said trying to calm me down. I looked up at his beautiful eyes. "Justin?" I asked. "Hmm?" He asked. "I want you." He smirked at me. We began kissing and kissing. I pulled on Justin's shirt for him to take it off. He did. I traced a line down his abs bitting my lip. He picked me up and carried over to the bed. I laid there as Justin hovered above me, planting sweet kisses on my neck. I pulled on Justin's pants letting him know to take them off. He did. I pulled my pants off and took off my shirt, remaining in my laced bra and underwear. Justin slide my underwear to the side and entered two fingers in me. I hurt but the pleasure was amazing. He began to pump faster and faster. I starting getting pleasantly wet. "Ohh JUSTIN." I moaned. He giggled. "You ready?" He asked. I nodded bitting my bottom lip. He slowly stuck Jerry in me. I yelped in pain. "Shh.. It's okay." Justin said as he began thrusting faster and faster. I flipped over therefore I was on top of him. He rested his hands on my hips guiding me the way. I leaned down and began kissing his neck. Then he whispered something in my ear. "Je t'aime ma chérie." I blushed wildly. "Je t'aime mon amour deux." I responded. I'm glad we felt the same way about each other.



About two hours later Justin and I laid there cuddling. "What are we gonna do now?" I asked playing with his hand. He sat there thinking. "I'll be right back." Justin said slipping on some gold sweats and leaving the room.


Justin's POV

I went downstairs and and found the guys playing GTA5. I went over and turned off the tv. "HEEY!" Ryan yelled. "Hey there Ryan!" I said sarcastically. I laughed then said "We're all going to a club. So get ready." Then I looked at Joey. "Look Joey, I'm really sorry about what happened the other day. We cool?" I asked. He nodded. Chaz jumped up and said "Yay! The four musketeers!!" And then Lillian came downstairs with a little black dress on. "And the girl.." Chaz continued. "I'm ready when you are." Lillian said. I walked over to her and gave her a hug. "May I say how sexy you look?" I whispered in her ear. She pulled away. "Nahh."



We entered the club and there were tons of party lights. Justin pulled me onto the dance. I was surprised to hear Hold Tight playing. Justin and started dancing and grinding sexually. And all of a sudden we were pulled off the dance floor. Ryan.. He pulled us over to the bar and made Justin and I sit. "What Ryan?" I whined. He pointed to the bar table that had about twenty drinks laying on it. "Drink up my friends." Ryan insisted. "NO!" Justin yelled. I took a drink and drank it. "Why not?" I said picking another drink. Justin took the drink out of my hand and put it down. I picked it up and drank it. Justin shrugged his shoulders and drank one.


Justin's POV

After an hour of sitting at the bar my phone started ringing. I told everyone I'll be back and went and answered it. It was Scooter.


S:Hey Justin! I have a question for you.

J:And that is?

S:Are you up for another tour?



J:I just got off of a tour! I wanna relax.

S:Okay then.. Let down your Beliebers...

J: ...When do we get started?



Rose's POV (DRUNK)

I looked around and I couldn't find Justin. "Where's my boyfriend?!" I yelled. Justin then came over. "Lillian.. I have to tell you something." Justin said. I looked at him uninterested. "Justin I don't care. Go away." I tried pushing him away. "Lillian Rose Lovelace. How much have you drank?" Justin asked. "Justin just get away from me. You're such a bad time." I said. "Alright." Justin said leaving. I looked at Ryan and Chaz they were laughing. And Joey looked upset. "What's the matter J-Joey??" I asked looking him in the eye. "I think It's time for you to go." He said grabbing onto my arm. "Someone's kinky." I said laughing. I yanked his arm of and pulled him in for a kiss. His lips were so soft. "Rose-" Joey said. I cut him off by kissing him again. He smiled at me. "Let's go." He pulled me threw the crowds and into the bathroom.


Justin's POV

I came in the house and threw my keys on the counter. How could Lillian be like that? I'm starting to feel bad for leaving her. So I called Ryan.


J:Where's Lillian?

R:She and Joey went somewhere.

J:Why the hell can't you watch her?!

R:You didn't tell me to.


I hung up the phone and grabbed my car keys. Back to the club.


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