My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


17. Change Me

Lillian's POV

I sat there in the hospital room and looked at my arm that now had a cast. The sling felt very uncomfortable. I looked at Justin who looked frustrated. "Justin I-" Then he cut me off. "Lillian please. Not now." I can't believe him! He's being such a jerk. We sat there in silence. Until the doctor came in. "Lillian you've lost a lot of blood. Good that it wasn't that much, who knows what could of happened. Just be more cautious with the things you do." I nodded. The doctor smiled and left the room."Don't fucking do it again." Justin said getting and walking away. I followed after him.

"Justin stop! We need talk." I said grabbing onto his arm. He slowly turned around. "Lillian! There's nothing to talk about, so can you just stop?" Justin turned around and started walking again. "Stop what?! Stop trying to make this problem we have better? I said I was sorry, it was mistake but what the fuck do you want from me Justin?!" I yelled after him. "I want to be away from you. No more Justin and Lillian. More like Justin------and Lillian." He turned around and said. He started walking away. I couldn't believe him. I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks. I ran after him and after I caught up I grabbed onto him arm forcing him to turn around. "So is this just it? You're just gonna give up on me?" I asked still crying. He nodded. I gave him a hug. Surprisingly he hugged me back. "Lillian.. Maybe in a few months after this tour.. We'll see how things can work. But I have to leave now, I'll call you a taxi." Justin said. I nodded then let go. He walked over to a corner and called a taxi. I felt very hurt. The pain I still felt from my arm and the pain from Justin breaking up with me. The tears still remained. Justin came back over to me. "The taxi should be coming soon. I guess I'll see you later." I nodded. "Goodbye for now." I said waving. He waved back then left. What now?


I came back to Justin's house and packed my things. I'm not going back to Canada. But I'm going somewhere. After I packed I sat in the living room on my computer trying to find somewhere to stay. I find a site with houses on sale. I had spotted this really nice apartment. "2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms..." Until it hit me. "1 million dollars?!" How the fuck can a little ass apartment cost SOOO damn much?! But... I know how to afford this. I got up off the couch and headed upstairs to Justin's room. I carefully crouched down and pulled out a box from underneath the bed. I sat on the floor and opened it. There was ALOT of money. I sat there for a second thinking. 'I can't do this.. Justin... No I need to. For my good.' I started counting out the money I needed. There was so much. I stopped. I put all the money back in the box. I got up off the floor and picked up the box. "Justin will forgive me." I went downstairs to contact the person selling the apartment.

Once I got downstairs I called the number from the website. Someone answered. "Hello?" I quickly responded. "Hello! I was interested in the house your selling, I was wondering if I could move in.. Like NOW." The person started laughing. "Alright. Just come on by." I hung up the phone and called a taxi. Here goes nothing.


I arrived at the apartment building and the guy was sitting outside waiting for me. I walked over to him. He looks familiar. I shook his hand with my left hand. "Hi I'm Lillian Lovelace. Nice to meet you." I said. "I'm Harry Styles. Nice to meet you as well." That's it! One Direction. "Nice to meet Harry." He looked down at my arm. "Looks like you had a little injury." I nodded. "Kitchen accident." I responded. I tried handing him the money but he pushed it away. "Nahh. It's free. Don't worry about it beautiful." I instantly blushed. "Thank you so much." I said. He nodded.


I walked into the apartment. It was huge! It was like a mansion. I went upstairs to one of the bedroom and put my clothes in the drawer. After that I sat in the living room watching tv. I was flipping threw channels and then I stopped. Tmz. 'Justin Bieber off to do another tour leaving his girlfriend all alone for months.' Uhhhh... I hate them! I don't understand why the can't just leave people alone. 'Buttt Justin has something to remember her by: ) What the fuck?! How could they do that? You know what? That's it. I need a makeover pronto.


I arrived at the salon in no time. "Hey hun. What could I do for you?" The lady asked. "Just change me." I responded.

And in about an hour, I was a completely different Lillian. And I liked it.

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