My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


18. A True Nightmare

Lillian's POV

*1 Month Later*

I sat outside on the porch on my laptop. There's nothing in this place to do. I got my cast off a few weeks ago. I haven't talked to Justin ever since the breakup. I've been quite depressed lately, and not to mention I think I've came down with the flew or something. I got in touch with Grace the other day and it turns out she wasn't mad at me. I guess we're okay. I heard my phone go off so I checked it. There were tons of tweets going by. I slid by screen across to see what this madness was. It was something Justin posted. It was a picture of a new tattoo he got on his right wrist. WHAT THE FUCK. IT'S MY INITIALS! I growled angrily. I read threw all the comments. 'Nice tattoo.' 'Why LRL?' 'What's the point of this one?' It's like people never knew we were together. But that's a good thing. I have an idea! I can get his initials tattooed on my wrist. But then again... LRL could stand for something else... NO! It means Lillian Rose Lovelace and I'm gonna get this tattoo with no hesitations.


I arrived at the tattoo place in about 10 minutes. There were tons of tattoo designs all over. This guy walked over to me. He was SUPERR cute and had tattoos all over his body. "Hey what can I help you with today?" He asked. I smiled. "I wanted to get initials tattooed on my left wrist." I said showing him my left wrist. "No problem. Follow me whenever you're ready." I followed him into a room were three other people were being tattooed on. I sat on a chair and waited for the man. He came over to me with a piece of paper. "Okay so what do you wanna do?" He asked. "I wanted to have JDB." He nodded and began making designs of JDB. I looked to the right and Harry. I walked over to him. "Hey Harry." I said. He looked up at me. "Hey Lillian." I observed him arm. "What kind of tattoo is this?" I asked. "Oh it's an Rose." He said. I laughed. "That's funny. My name is Rose. Well my middle name. I used to always be called Rose because alittle incident but now I'm all Lillian." I said. He seemed confused but he laughed after. "So why are you here?" He asked. "I'm just gonna get a simple tattoo." I looked over at the guy that was gonna tattoo me and he seemed ready. "I'm gonna go do that now. See ya another time." I said. Harry nodded and I walked over and sat in the chair. I put my arm up waiting for the guy to do his magic. And he started right away. It hurt the hell!! But it was for a good reason. I think...


After I got the tattoo I went to a restaurant. I sat there observing my new tattoo. First one at that. I took a sip of the water I had. After awhile the waitress brought me the food I ordered. (A simple chicken sandwich. Don't judge.) I sat there eating the sandwich when all of a sudden something didn't seem right. I looked at my sandwich weirdly. Not that... Then I had the quick urge to throw up. I ran to the bathroom. After that I paid the waitress and left.


Once I got home there was a car in my driveway. It looked familiar. I walked in my apartment and saw Grace and Chelsie. I ran over and gave them big hugs. "What are you guys going here?" I asked smiling. "We came to see you!" Chelsie said excited. "I really missed you guys. So what's up?" I asked. Grace's eyes had widen. "You got a tattoo?!" She screamed. I covered my ears and said "I did. Now pipe down." I sat there and became uncomfortable. Chelsie looked at me with a weird look. "You okay there sister?" I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. I began throwing up barely aiming at the toilet. After I cleaned myself off, I came back to the living room.

"You okay Lillian?" Grace asked. I nodded rubbing my stomach. "I think I caught the flu or something.." I responded. Chelsie started laughing. "Or you could be pregnant by Justin.." She whispered. I could feel my face turning red. That could be a possibility. I could be pregnant by Justin. But the again... "Or Joey..." I hope this is a dream. A true nightmare.

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