My mighty mind

Struggle of a Paraplegic to express


1. Perseverance

Agony and suffering,suffering and agony

the cruel fate with its blood thirsty sword

cut through the lifelines of my broken body

making me a cripple and a quadriplegic


Confirmed to the square metre of wheelchair

my broken body strapped I struggle to free

my imagination soars like an emboldened eagle

but the body shivers like a shrivelled mummy


In the wonderland of my fantasy world

I gather broken branches and fallen leaves

like a gay grasshopper gathering its tunes

to be poured eventually out of my inner self


The ideas the words come like torrential rain

with the pen in my mouth I write on the 

paper of my imagination fixed on the easel

of perseverance to prove the might of my mind

(Dedicated to all Quadriplegics)





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