Starting Today (Don't Tell Him sequel)

Did you enjoy Don't Tell Him? Good! This is the next chapters!!!!! Brooklyn and Harry get seperated for 3 months because of her modeling. Louis decides to run "a plan" ;) by Brooklyn and she agrees. Brooklyn confronts her parents about Harry, but wait.................................................Who's Danny? find that all out and more when you read Starting Today


5. please wake up Harry i love you

When we got to the Emergency room, Harry still wouldn't wake up. Its been 2 1/2 hours and the boys, Gemma ,and  Anne got here. "I am sorry" Louis said holding me while i was sobbing.

"w-w-what if he never wakes up" I said to Gemma

"he will, he's a fighter, he will" she said crying to. its 11:30 and everyone except for Anne left I was holding Harry's hand the whole time, my heart broke. My eyes were so puffy i couldn't cry anymore I just held onto his arm.

"baby girl the doctors say he won't be awake for a week or so just go home" Anne said rubbing my back

"I can't, he is my world and if he's not with me..then I am going to die" she pulled me in for a hug. I fell asleep holding Harrys arm. I could barely sleep...I woke up after I had a dream of what happened over and over again. "anne?"

"yes" she whispered

"i just want to let you know that if Harry asked me to marry him tommorw, i would say yes. If he wanted me to go to the UK with him to do something crazy, i would. If he needed help, i would be there. That one time I was stupid and not with him, it cost him his life" I looked down.

"Doll, Harry is my baby boy. If he was dating some girl i didn't like I would tell him to break up with her, but you, to him, even if I didn't love you to death he would never break up with you. He adores you, he wouldn't jump infront of a car for just anyone" i looked at Harry who looked like he was sleeping, i smiled.

"did you know the first time I met harry he gave me a rose, we met in art and he stole a rose from the teacher and he gave it to me, then we went to prom, then i broke my parents rules to see him" i looked at Anne who was in tears

"That day you to met he was in detention and I talked to the principle and his excuse was he gave it to his love, it broke my heart but i knew he didn't just say that" I smiled and gave Anne a hug. I walked to Harry 

"I wish that you only knew that you are the most caring, perfect, sweet, sexy boy I ever met" I looke back at Anne who was crying "wake up Harry!" I cried "don't leave me! I cant do this with out you!" I screamed and cried on the floor. Anne left the room in tears watching me from the window hit the floors and cry. "I love you wake up Haz!"

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