Starting Today (Don't Tell Him sequel)

Did you enjoy Don't Tell Him? Good! This is the next chapters!!!!! Brooklyn and Harry get seperated for 3 months because of her modeling. Louis decides to run "a plan" ;) by Brooklyn and she agrees. Brooklyn confronts her parents about Harry, but wait.................................................Who's Danny? find that all out and more when you read Starting Today


8. Beach Fancy

I got a shower and straightened my hair. I got on a short black dress white white heels. Harry left for the beach already so I drove myself at 5:10. With everyone in the house it was s hard to pull out of the driveway so I had to use Zayn's car. "Sorry I'm late!" I said when I got there to see Harry in a tux.

"Its ok! Come sit with me." I went over to the Lifeguard stand and sat up there with him. We watched the waves until 9:30. "Want to change clothes" he asked jumping down. I nodded and changed into his old Jack Wills shirt and shorts he had brought. He toke his shirt off and changed into basketball shorts. We layed out towels and put a blanket over us. "If you could change one thing about me what would it be" he said after kissing me

"Thats a hard one...I would change you being the biggest popstar in the world" i said snuggling with him and playing with his hair.

"Why is that?" he said kissing me gently

"I have to share you with the Directioner, but don't worry I am the biggest one" he laughed "what would you change about me" he inched closer to me and whispered in my ear

"your last name" I laughed and kissed him. "I am sorry" he sat up


"I can't always be there for you and you are always here for me, it breaks my heart" i saw tears on his face.I wiped them before they came out

"harry" I hugged him "You make so many people love you everyday, but I love you for a different reason...I love you for your heart" he hugged me and started to tear again. Before I knew it we were fast asleep.

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