Starting Today (Don't Tell Him sequel)

Did you enjoy Don't Tell Him? Good! This is the next chapters!!!!! Brooklyn and Harry get seperated for 3 months because of her modeling. Louis decides to run "a plan" ;) by Brooklyn and she agrees. Brooklyn confronts her parents about Harry, but wait.................................................Who's Danny? find that all out and more when you read Starting Today


4. anger, break ups, stress, HARRY?

When we walked into the house harry and I watched 'love Actually'. We weren't really watching the movie though. Harry and I were wrestling, he said that if I got him on his back then we get to go see his mom, if he gets me on my back first then we stay in the States. We were fighting for 20 minutes until I won.

"Okay we get to go see Gemma, my mom, and my step-dad" he said out of breath

"and.." i said sitting next to him

"and you get to kiss me first" i laughed and kissed him, he slowly made his way down me neck and on my shoulders, and on to my hand "my lady" he said kissing my hand

"your so cheesy Styles"I said laughing at him

"nostagram I am notstagram" he said knowing i hate that

"stop" I wined 

"nostagram babystagram"

"your luckystagram I love youstagram or i would punch you in the neckstagram" he laughed and kissed me. We finshed the movie and went outside to the pool where Liam and sophia were. Harry and Liam went and talked and Louis came out to the pool with Sophia and I. "hey!" I said hugging him

"hi sissy! Where's curly" I shruged and was caught off gaurd by Harry yelling at Liam and Liam going inside. Sophia ran to Liam and Lou rolled his eyes. "hate her" he laughed

"harry you okay?" i said rubbing his back 

"good and bad news, good new Sophia and him are breaking up" Louis and I high-fived "bad news he loves you" 

"Liam is really sweet and hopefully will find someone but that persons not me" Harry smiled "where's eleanor?"

"She went shopping with Perrie, Niall and Mollie left to go get coffee...yesterday" we all started laughing and Louis went back inside.

"want to go on a walk?" i nodded and threw his old shirt on and he go a shirt on. We walked holding hands and laughing and talking for about an hour until the girls came and mobbed us. Harry grabbed my hand and waited to across the street. I didn't see a car coming and ran in the middle of the street "BROOKLYN!" I heard Harry shout and he pushe me out of the way.

"Oh my gosh thank you Har- harry? HARRY!" he was the one that got hit and he wouldn't wake up "911! Harry won't wake up" I said crying. 

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