Starting Today (Don't Tell Him sequel)

Did you enjoy Don't Tell Him? Good! This is the next chapters!!!!! Brooklyn and Harry get seperated for 3 months because of her modeling. Louis decides to run "a plan" ;) by Brooklyn and she agrees. Brooklyn confronts her parents about Harry, but wait.................................................Who's Danny? find that all out and more when you read Starting Today


2. 5 months laterrrr

I was in L.A now. The boys, Mollie, Eleanor, Perrie, and Liam's new girlfriend Sophia were at the house. Everyone (except for Harry) knew I was here. If the plan was going to work I had to stay at a hotel. "Ello love how's Paris?!" Harry said calling me

"Oh hi Harry its great" I pretended to be mad at him

"what's wrong?!" he said, the the background people stopped talking now i knew I was on speaker

"Tyra offered me a job here for 5 years and I toke it, but you can't come, oh heres Ty ttyl Harry" When I hung up I got a text from louis saying it worked and they were going to the stadium now, that means I have to get into hair and make-up. I got to the stadium around 10:45 and it ended at 11. 

"B you ready?" I nodded shaking in my boots "So when you come on stage it will be black and they will think the lights blew out. then a mans voice will say I am taking over, and lights will flash then perrie will walk center and you will be rising with fog you both will start singing wings by Little Mix, you know what parts you are singing?" I nodded "Good, start and go up to the runway then you go up to Harry and they start singing BSE got it?" I nodded again and was waiting. I saw Perrie on Stage and we started singing. I didn't look back at Harry until I ran and hugged him.

"Everyone!" Niall screamed "GIVE IT UP FOR PERRIE AND BROOKLYN!!!!" I started laughing and Perrie and I hugged. When they started singing Best song Ever Perrie and I high fived fans, talked and waved goodbye to them.

"Woah" Harry said when we got off stage "OH MY GOSH YOUR HERE" I nodded and he spun me. "But what about the years in Paris-"

"Oh it was a lie" he laughed and kissed me and hugged me and wouldn't let go.

"haz let poor B go!" Louis tried to pull him off me "HAROLD!!" 

"No no let me be" he said grabbing me nuzzling his head into my neck. Louis got him off me and all 10 of us went into the tour bus. The whole ride was pretty weird, we were all taking except for Sophia.

"hey Sophia! I am Brooklyn!" I said sitting next to her

"hi.." I looked at Harry and widened my eyes on how rude she was "sorry do you need anything?" 

"oh no I just-"

"Well Liam and I are going somewhere private so if you don't mind" she pulled Liams hand and he followed

"Harry can I talk to up here" he nodded and walked up to me "I don't like her at all"

"I know B but he likes her, she's a childhood friend he always liked her but she rejected him 22 times"

"she's such a bit-"

"Don't worry about him B just let him be, come on lets watch football" i nodded and sat with Harry. he put me on his lap.

"Mollie can I talk to you?" she nodded walked up the bus with me "i hate her so much she's so rude and pulls Liam away from everyone!" 

"woah Brooke I never saw you like this before" she sat me down

"Liam deserves so much better then that, did you know she rejected him 22 times ugh! any girl would be lucky to date him!"

"Brooklyn are you jealous?" I looked up at her and widened my eyes

"What! I mean" I ran my fingers thru my hair 

"Talk to Liam tonight at dinner just tell him" i nodded and walked back to Harry.

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