My savior

Trapped in her own almost perfect world, Jazzy was awaiting for her prince charming. When one afternoon, he saved her from her terrible ex. He swooped down and helped her up. And, well, the rest you'll have to read to find out.


3. Saved

There Were To Obnoxious Boys, About My Age, Being Very Loud. I Rolled My Eyes And Went Back To My Book. A Few Minutes Went By And I Looked Up To See My Ex Boyfriend Standing Right In Front Of Me. I Grabbed My Stuff And Started To Walk Away.
“Jazzy Wait! Can We Talk. Please.”
“Chris, No. You Said Enough Before.”
“Baby I Love You. And I Know, Deep Down, You Love Me Too. Just Open Your Heart. Please.”
“I Did Open My Heart, And You Pushed Me Away. I Am Sorry, But I Am Over You.” I Turned Around And Walked Away. He Grabbed My Arm Very Tightly.
“Ow, Chris. That Hurts!”
“Too Bad!” He Grabbed Both Of My Arms Way Tighter Than Before. I Started Crying. One Of The Obnoxious Boys Tapped On Chris's Shoulder And Yelled,
“Hey Let Go Of Her!” Chris Threw Me On The Ground. I Just Laid There Crying.
“What Are You Gonna Do About It?” Chris Was Way Taller Then The Boy. I Heard A Smack, And Then Someone Hit The Ground. Sobbing, I Looked Up To See Who.
I Saw The Boy Standing Over Chris's Unconscious Body With His Fist Clenched. The Other Boy Ran Up To Me And Helped Me Up. I Wiped My Tears. The Boy That Punched Chris Said,
“Are You Okay? My Name's Austin, And That's Alex.” I Cried Even Harder. Austin Leaned In And Wrapped His Arms Around Me. I Started Crying Into His Shoulder. I Started Thinking That Those Boys Looked Very Familiar. I Grabbed His Arms And Stepped Back.
“Oh My God! Your Austin Mahone And Alex Constancio! I Am A Huge Fan! My Name Is Jazzy!”
Austin:“Haha. Thanks! Listen, I Don't Wanna See A Pretty Girl Like You Cry Again.”
Me:“Really? You Think I'm Pretty?” I Looked At The Ground.
Austin:“You Are. And You Need To Know You Are Beautiful.
Alex:“He Never Tells A Girl This Unless He's Asking Her Out.” I Looked Up.
Austin:“I'm Going To. So, Jazzy, Do You... Maybe Wanna... Go Out Sometime?”
Me:“I Don't Know. I Am Kind Of Sad. I Mean... I Don't Know If I'm Ready.”
Austin:“If You Give Me A Chance, I'll Show You Not All Guys Are Bad Guys.”
Me:“Just Give Me Your Number And I Will Text You Or Call You And Get To Know You.”
Austin: “Alright.” We Exchanged Numbers.
Me: “It Was Very Nice Meeting You Both.”
Alex: “Wait, Can We Still Hang Out?”
Me: “I Wanna Go Take A Nap. I'm Worn Out. Plus, My Mom Wants Me To Meet My New Neighbors. But Thanks Again For Coming To My Rescue!”
Austin: “Okay. Text Me?”
Me: “Kk.” I Hugged Austin.
Alex: “Can I Get A Hug?” I Hugged Alex. And Walked Away. I Could Hear Them Talking As I Walked To Go Find My Brother And His Friend.
Alex: “Okay, I Get It, She's Cute. But I've Never Seen You Act Like This Around Girls.”
Austin: “That's Because I've Never Met A Girl Like Her Before. I Don't Know What It Is.
Alex: “It Does Seem Like You Guys Hit It Off. Good Thing You Moved Back Here To---” Their Voices Faded. I Went Straight To The Neighbor's House. [Knock, Knock]
Me: “Hi! I Live Next Door And I Just Wanted To Intro---. Wait, Are You Mama Mahone?”
Michelle: “Yes I Am. And You Are?”
Me: “I Am Jazmine Elizabeth Stewart. But Everyone Calls Me Jazzy. I Know Your Son. I Just Met Him And Alex At The Park. Would You Excuse Me Please?”
I Stepped Aside To Call Austin. [On The Phone]
Austin: Did You Call To Change Your Mind About Our Date?
Me: I'll Get Back To On That. But You'll Never Guess Who My New Neighbors Are!
Austin: Who?
Me: You! I Just Introduced Myself To Your Mom.
Austin: No Way! [Talking To Alex] Jazzy's My New Neighbor!
Alex: Awesome! We Can All Hang Out All The Time!
Me: How About We Have A Movie Night Tonight. Alex Can Invite His Girlfriend. It'll Be A Double Date.
Austin: Date? So You Will Go On A Date With Me.
Me: Yeah. I Guess. [we Both Laughed]
Austin: Great. What Time Do You Want Me, Alex, And Sarah To Come?
Me: Whenever. It's 7:30 Right Now. Whenever You Wanna Head Over Is Cool With Me. Let Me Call My Mother And Make Sure Its Cool With Her.
Austin: Alright. See You Tonight?
Me: Tonight. [I Hung Up The Phone And Called Mama]
Mom: Hello?
Hey Mom. Is It Okay If I Have A Couple Of Friends Over Tonight To Watch Movies?
Mom: You Mean You're Not Gonna Spend Saturday Night Studying? Your Changing Things Up On Me.
Me: I Don't Need You Condescending Tone, Mother.
Mom: Sure. They Can Come Over. What Are Their Names?
Me: Austin Mahone, Alex Constancio, And Sarah Wright.
Mom: Austin? The Guy On Your Wall?
Me: Yes. Isn't It Great!?!
Mom: Yeah It's Great! But I Don't Believe You.
Me: You'll See Tonight. Hey. Where's Daddy?
Mom: He Is In Florida On Business. He'll Be Back In 3 Months.
Me: Okay. They'll Be Here In A Few Minutes. I'm Gonna Go Get My Jammies On.
Mom: K, Sweetie.
I Went Into My Room And Changed In To My Red Short Workout Shorts, My Tight Tank Top, And My 'Mahomies' Sweatshirt With It Tied With A Rubber Band In The Back. [Knock, Knock]
Me: I Got It! Nobody Else Get It! 

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