My name is Roseanne Martinez,but most people refer to me as Rose or Rosie. I was in love. Actually I still am. He never loved me back though. He was just another popstar,that likes to crush hearts. I should have seen through his perfect reputation. No one ever threw him hate. Even if he broke their hearts,they just pretended it was their fault. I don’t think I can do that. No,I won’t, I cannot! I will make a mess of his facade,I will make a mockery of him! He will not win this game. He picked the wrong player to knock down,now he WILL pay the price. I just wonder how long he will try to stay on top. I will be on top in the end. Or will I? Read on and find out!
A/N: This is sucky,sorry. I personally think the story is actually better. Please read it,it would mean a lot to me!


5. Incident

A/N: Listen to 'Give Me Love' by: Ed Sheeran 

  A week after the incident a video surfaced of Louis covering 'Give Me Love'.  Bombarded with messages to watch it on Twitter, I did. It started with Louis trying not to cry as he whispered sorry's for last weeks interview. 

  He strummed the chords, on what looked liked Niall's lucky guitar, as he sung, occasionally sniffling. After he finished he wiped his tear filled eyes and looked directly in the camera, his words shaky, but full of sincerity. "Rosie, babe, I am so very, truly sorry. I understand that you ran, it makes sense. I tried to talk to you the other day, but if I were you I wouldn't want to speak to me either. You probably threw out my  number, I don't blame you, call the boys or Paul, please. I need to speak to you. I am sorry,,for everything." With that the video ended.

 The media swarmed me and would not leave me be, wanting an exclusive on the 'Louis Leaving' story. My response was always the same: 'No comment." Which probably irked them to no end.

   The boys, even Paul, had tried to call me by this point. I always ignored every call, text, email, all contact really. I assumed after a few weeks they would give up this charade and give up on attempting to reach me, but they were relentless. 

  Then, one day, it all became too much and I picked up; not even looking at the caller ID.There was a short buzz and some shuffling before a slew of words was fired at me. It was Louis. I would have hung up, but there were tears streaming down my face, causing my hands to shake violently. I whimpered as he sobbed into the receiver, begging me to meet him somewhere and at least hear him out.

  His pleas finally broke something in me and I agreed. I choked on my words and stuttered as planned a time and a place. By the end of the call we had made plans to meet at his house at ten A.M. 

  At promptly nine thirty A.M. I got into my car and drove down the familiar route to his house. I was apprehensive about seeing Louis, but I knew I could easily run out of his house, just as he had with our relationship. 

  As I pulled into his drive a dark figure darted out of the house and ran the opposite way I had came. I was confused, but shrugged it off as I tramped into the house.

  I perused around a bit before sighing. Of course he wasn't here, I should have known he would bail on me. This is what I deserve for getting my hopes up. I looked around a bit more, still seeing nothing. As I went to walk out I glanced into his room, the door adjacent and the large canopy bed visible. 

  My jaw dropped at the sight, my heart denying it while my brain moved my body into action. My fingers swiftly, yet shakily, dialed 911 while I knelled next to his body, being careful of the growing pool of scarlet blood. 

  His breathing was shallow and short, but there, which was all I cared about at the moment. I pushed his flopping hair off his forehead, kissing his temple lightly as I mumbled "Stay with me, Lou. I need you, I  cannot lose you." 

  The words were desperate as more tears fell, sirens piercing the air as my tears marked his already paling cheeks.

A/N: Good so far?;)

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